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Posted by Aus | Aug 23, 2014 @ 05:06 AM | 5,243 Views
I picked up a Blue Max II ARF kit a few years back during a Hobby People sale. I wasnít looking to buy one, but when I walked in the store I couldnít resist. Maybe it was the price (discounted significantly) or was it the wire wheels? I finally got around to putting it together over the last few weeks. The instructions and parts fit are excellent.

I decided to go electric and used the following components:For no good reason I also added the following:The instructions recommended 4S batteries but as the biggest batteries I own are 3S I wanted to see if I could get away with them. The maiden was today, and although it flew, it felt as though it wasnít much above the stall - a 4S is required. I will order some this week and if the weather cooperates, Iíll try 4S next weekend.

With a 4S I think this will be well behaved and a pleasure to fly.

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Posted by Aus | Feb 02, 2014 @ 01:40 AM | 6,190 Views
When using a separate Universal Battery Elimination Circuit (UBEC) to power your receiver and servos, the Electronic Speed Control (ESC) integrated BEC isnít utilised. This simple bus-tie circuit allows you to connect the UBEC and the ESCís integrated BEC so that in the event of the UBEC output voltage dropping below that of the ESCís BEC, the ESCís BEC will instantaneously take over. This provides a little extra peace of mind for little cost and only a few grams in weight.

Here is a link to the full thread. This shows you whatís required, how to put it together, how it works and of course, some discussion.