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Posted by fastmax | Dec 10, 2018 @ 12:58 PM | 43,636 Views
​My 1093-ST arrived over the weekend, and I am super excited about this truck. It looks great, and seems to be a very nice quality truck for the price. Check out the pics, and video, and stay tuned for more info.

This truck is now back in stock, and on sale here for $179.99 This truck is compatible with most, if not all Axial SCX10 II Honcho parts, and accessories.

Printing some scale accessories while I wait for the truck to arrive. Propane tank, and some other cool stuff can be found here. Wheel hubs can be found here. The shackles can be found here.

First mods. Removed the stickers, and added 3D printed mirrors and door handles.

Also 3D printed a snorkel.

More custom mods, and review updates coming soon!

​Please feel free to ask any questions you might have.

First test run out in the backyard. More video and updates coming soon.

Remo Hobby 1093-ST RTR 1/10 Scale Trail Truck First Run (3 min 50 sec)
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Posted by fastmax | Dec 01, 2018 @ 05:04 PM | 44,323 Views
JJRC JJPRO X7 Brushless GPS Drone Review

The new JJRC JJPRO X7 Brushless GPS Ready To Fly (RTF) RC Drone with 1080P HD camera and transmitter controlled gimbal has finally arrived

I will start by saying that the quality of this model far exceeds my expectations. It has a look and feel to it that I wasn't expecting at this price point. The maiden flight went very well. All controls function exactly as they should. The drone is incredibly stable, and smooth. GPS hold is accurate and works perfectly, as does the GPS return to home function. You don't have to worry about losing this one, because with the press of a button, it will come right back to you and land itself as demonstrated in the video below.

One thing to take note of. If you want to fly this via the WiFi FPV with your smart phone or tablet, or view the live feed from the on board camera, you will need a 5G compatible device. Unfortunately my phone is not 5G capable, so I am only able to fly this LOS (line of sight) I am sure that in the very near future most phones will support 5G, and many of you probably already have phones that do.

Please be aware though that if your phone does not support 5G WiFi, there are a host of features that you won't be able to enable, or use. However, for those of you that just want a good flying brushless drone with GPS, and long flight times, this is certainly a model worthy of your consideration as it is a very good flying drone, with excellent range.

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