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The Long Island Silent Flyers - Come Fly with us
LISF Come Fly With Us (2 min 48 sec)

That is me in the video and that is my red tent in the background.

I started flying in March of 2003 with a small electric RTF airplane called an Aerobird. Since then I have become more of a thermal soaring glider pilot than an electric airplane pilot. I fly pure gliders for thermal duration, DLG, slope and aerotow. These days the electrics that I fly tend to be e-gliders. I have about 26 gliders and planes with about 10 flyable at any given time.

Most of my flying is at our club field. I am former President and current member of the Long Island Silent Flyers. I try to get to the field one day each weekend all year round. We have a great club focused on thermal duration soaring and small electric airplanes.

I also fly competition in club events and in the Eastern Soaring League. I am former President and Newsletter Editor of the League. I travel along the East coast of the USA for the ESL contests. And I am an AMA Contest Director. I typically co-CD 6 ESL contests a year.

My longest TD glider flight is just under 90 minutes. My longest slope flight was just over 2 hours. After that the flights become boring and I land. With slope, it can be the cold that gets me as slope soaring where I live on Long Island, NY, is mostly a winter time activity. At 20 degrees and 15 mph winds, it can be chilly.

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