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Posted by dankar04 | Apr 26, 2016 @ 09:05 PM | 11,644 Views
Most of my gliders are 2 meter. Now added a Windfree standard class glider to list. It has been flown. flys better then i do but working on it.

Soon add very nicely built Oly 11 S. Thanks to generous local flyer. This has spoilers and four servos. I am doing series of Range checks and looks good. This will have 2.4 radio and just being very careful. I have couple smaller gliders with spectrum and no problem. The RX was bought used but sure its fine. AR6200 with satelite.
I hooked up my 7 ch Hi-tech 72 mhz RX and works fine. I may also try a new AR610 RX DSM-X. the AR6200 w satelite works fine but is DSM-2 and came used. Reason for caution is alot od clone Spectrum RX's out there. I know Hi-Tech 72 is no clone, nor the AR610.
Posted by dankar04 | Dec 10, 2015 @ 01:40 PM | 13,536 Views
Gliders are now my new pusuit. Good group of local flyers. Thremal right now, tomorrow whoi knows ?
Last summer and into fall build two new 2 meter gliders. Kestrel/ Sig Riser. i wanted to have two new kit built gliders built by me. Both have flown and fly fine. Before these were built assembled a new G/P Vista ARF. I had this sit around in box for years. anyway bird fklys fine also.
All use same Hi-Tech new but older 72 mhz radio. Lazer 6 ch. All three share same TX. I hjave one more 7 ch hi-tech RX and go into a Windfifter
Standard size glider. That will be last 72 mhz bird.
I look foward to new adventure with gliders. I still fly helis but mostly 450 sized c/p's. Fly them couple times a week.
Going to build couple smaller gliders also. One is being framed up now. Scratch built Bridi Tercel. Chrysalis 1.5 m to follow.
Time flies for sure. both Tercel was built and flown. Chrysalis same thing. Both fine flyers.
I have been working with old vintage Pro-line 6 meter radio. It works and have been getting needed items. very close to being there. One flight pack working fine. second working fine also. just need a few items and good to go..> maybe ?
Posted by dankar04 | Apr 12, 2012 @ 01:21 PM | 19,698 Views
Having some fun. Just started but I'm in !! Couple co-ax 4 ch/ couple of Xedia 9958. Just ordered Solo-Pro 328. Latter get back to mini-heli's. New stuff is awesome.
Much has changed. Been flying c/p's since march 2013. Now fly mostly 450 c/p's. Helis have taken back seat to new wave of quads. Noobs don't like to leaarn to fly. buy/ and fly no experience needed. Thats why FAA has entered out hobby due to reckless numb sculls.

I built up a pretty nice reliable core of micros and mini sized helis. Slow and easy workred pretty good over all. There is also one large heli in the mix. Helis are not my main interest anymore but are far from out the door either.

Cox/ customs

Posted by dankar04 | Mar 30, 2010 @ 02:45 PM | 20,685 Views
I will be doing alot of work on allmost all the .049/.051 cox engines. Mostly the reedies and use the best parts I can get. I have done one pdoduct engine is a ME-109 Stunter and very/ very happy with it. Just worked on a stock Black widow and happy with it also, but this will be a Venom soon. Also just worked on a Sure Srart hand fitted looks and feels great.

I sold off most of my Cox ARF's. Kept ME-109 stunter/ Super Chipmonk stunter/ Cox Viper. Saved several of real good TD.049's/.051's. Plus five excellent Holland Hornets. Took years to get real good ones. I have a PT-19 is decent shape but wing is distorted. Hope to recieve a replacement soon. I taught a few people how to fly with PT-19's.