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Posted by Tristar7737 | Aug 16, 2019 @ 02:51 PM | 844 Views
1st Solo 8-10-19
Did my first solo on Aug 10th thanks to Dave and Bob, two out of town flyers who happened to be at my field and where nice enough to give me some pointers. Dave co piloted with me for a few flights after Ben, our local "trainer" let me take the club trainer up the previous weekend.

After I had Dan take up the plane and trim it out, I landed it after I few it under his supervision. The first sideways bounce began to tear apart the undercarriage. Did modifications using 1/8 music wire to replace front strut utilizing the front float mount slot and a coat hanger to provide back support attached to the rear float mount. Used wire and solder to attach front of coat hanger to front struts and then used nitro fuel tubing to act as shock absorber between front struts.

My first task is to practice touch and go's so I can get over being so paranoid of landing, particularly in the wind. Most of my flying has been in 10 mph with a Timber 1.5m foamy ARF.

4-5th flight
Crash 1
- Cartwheel (Minor slow speed) - disoriented as to where the end of the runway was making a N. bound approach, plane does a cartwheel before the end of the runway due to stalling about 3-4' off the ground.
Repairs - Landing gear had to be straightened.
Analysis - better to land smoothly in the grass off the field than to push getting onto the runway, better for the plane and my nerves. New gear holding up well.

8th flight
Crash #2
- Nose Plant (unknown - likely moderate...Continue Reading