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Posted by FoamFlyer32 | Feb 21, 2015 @ 11:10 PM | 34,171 Views
Hey guys,
I've been flying foam RC planes for about a year and I have 7 planes in my hanger. All stock and last week I was looking at Callie Graphics and came across a good looking Corsair, the VMFT 20 and I really wanted one. I jumped on eBay and found a deal on a NIB BNF PZ Corsair... I won the auction and ordered the decals. First I installed the normal CA hinges on the flaps and ailerons, then installed the flap servos. After the flap servos were installed I removed the cowl and stripped all the stock decals to prep for the new paint. Ran by Lowes and got the base color paint and paint for the cowl. Since this was my first paint/decal mod I wasn't to sure of how it was going to look.

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Posted by FoamFlyer32 | May 06, 2014 @ 02:59 PM | 32,878 Views
Well guys after months and months of waiting for the perfect weather I finally got to maiden the FW and P47.

First was the FW (Mods added are modified e-flite retracts and servo less drop tank) after work on a calm Wednesday afternoon... I put three lipos threw the bird. First was to set the trim... A fast take off, the rear end really wanted to kick out but I got her off the ground with no problems. Once in the air she needed alot of right rudder but after that she flew like a champ! First landing was a roll over, no major damage just a little to the top of the rudder but no big deal. The next two lipos I had the retracts up and she was doing roll after roll! Did it fly great? Hell yes! Snappy and a very fast response! I had my expo's all at +30. The next two landings were the best of the day! Both times the front wheels touched and the tail wheel kissed the runway. Great flying bird!! (I've only flown my T-28 5 times before this maiden... Was it smart for me to send the FW up before the P47?? Probably not but hey it worked out!)

Then came the P47 (Mods added e-flite retracts and flaps) at my first fun fly at the club. I took the bird off adding a little right rudder, picked the tail wheel up and gently pulled back on the stick.... Once it was up and leveled off I only had to add two clicks of up elevator and she was good to go!! Put the retracts up and still no need for any trim. She is flying pretty! My first pack was just getting used to the way it handled and a...Continue Reading
Posted by FoamFlyer32 | Mar 08, 2014 @ 11:38 PM | 32,603 Views
I'm a noobie getting back into the hobby after a 20 year break... My first plane was the T-28, added the P-47, then just had to have the FW190 for Christmas and the Corsair was my last bird that I purchased... Hope all of the Parkzone warbird fans enjoy!