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Posted by askman | Apr 03, 2016 @ 02:06 PM | 49,146 Views
I've been making these for a while for my own use, and have decided to share how I made them

it is very inexpensive and economical way to may a retract for your multicopter

you need

2 giant scale retract (screw drive type) similar to below

1/4-20 screw (1.25" length) I used aluminum, but steel will work

1/2" OD nylon spacer 1" long with 1/4" hole.

for tube, you can use

.515 ID tubing (5/8 OD) from goodwinds. (they have various length)

or 13mm id carbon fiber tubing with 15mm OD.

step 1: take a retract and you may have to remove the shaft that is in the LG. otherwise, rotate the retract so that leg is down

step2: use 1/4-20 tap and tap the hole as seen on the pic

step 3: mount the nylon space using the 1/4-20 1.25" long bolt . tighten it well. you may want to use locktite on the bolt, but not a requirement.

step 4: cut tube to length

step 5: The tube will fit very snug onto the spacer, (.515" tubing) you will need to tap it in to the spacer. CF tubing may require thick CA or epoxy to hold it in place.

now, you have a working retract ready to fit onto the multicopter.