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Posted by Closus | Nov 23, 2020 @ 08:40 AM | 5,845 Views
This is a build log for one of my currently ongoing projects, a partially solar-powered, extended X-UAV talon controlled via 4G. The idea is to increase wingspan while lowering weight, carrying fewer batteries. Thus, the rough technical outline of the project is as follows:
  • X-UAV Talon with dual wing extensions, 2.3m wingspan. Laminated wings to provide the needed stiffness.
  • Controlled using Arduplane, via a Pixhawk and a Rasperry Pi connected to a 4G modem, running UAVCast Pro
  • Powered by a 4S6P Li-Ion pack (21Ah) and Sunpower C60 solar cells

Note that this is NOT a fully solar powered plane, as that would require a different airframe. However, since basically no solar RC plane can fly longer than a full day either, I think the talon should come pretty close to staying airborne for a ~10h day.

The solar setup is as follows:
  • 16 Sunpower C60 panels per wing, and 3 on the body, for a total of 35 panels, providing ~23V power
  • Genasun GV-10 4S Li-Ion MPPT Solar Charge controller
This power setup should, theoretically, provide a maximum of ~122W of power under ideal conditions. This would equate to ~8A at 14.8V, which is more than enough to keep this plane airborne. However, since real-world conditions will never allow for that level of power, the talon will most likely never fly from solar power only. Thus, we add a large Li-Ion battery that would on its own be sufficient for a couple hours of flight.

Current status:
  • Assemble, tune and test fly talon with dual wing extensions
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