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Posted by ooOoo | Aug 29, 2021 @ 10:40 AM | 21,924 Views
Really the concept is great; many protocols all crammed into one neat little package. No more needing to buy a Spektrum radio to fly their nice assortment of BNF aircraft. You'd have the ability to use affordable FrSky receivers with their robust RF link and cheap full range telemetry. You can fly your cheap little chinese quad or heli in your house. You can use external long range modules. You can use OpenTx, the most powerful OS ever put on an RC transmitter.

The RF link from these radios is outstanding! Never have I had an RF issue with any multi protocol radio or multi protocol module. And that is, after all, the most important quality of the transmitter you use... to have faith in it to always stay connected.

But they always seem to screw something up. There is always something overlooked. Below are 3 examples I have personal experience with.

Jumper T-16. The build quality was garbage. The radio felt cheap and would leave fingerprints all over it. Even with clean hands it still looked like ate bucket of KFC chicken while flying. The worst part of this radio was is that it was plagued with ribbon cable issues. Control signal wouldn't be lost, but the radio would flip out and do random stuff, like switches controlling other channels. I never experienced any of those problems, but I still didn't fly with mine because it felt like a cheap pile of junk and I couldn't trust it. It wasn't worth the risk of losing control of a plane and crashing into someone.

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