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Posted by joshet89 | Feb 23, 2013 @ 11:56 AM | 6,250 Views
So here is a blog entry...don't have much to say. I have been in the process of setting up 2 new 50cc planes this winter and I wanted to get the cleanest power I can to my servos. Since servo connectors are only rated for smaller amp loads and with the bigger HV servos on the 50cc planes I wanted to eliminate the power running thru the servo connector. I have gone about this 2 different ways on different setups. I have soldered a pig tail onto my Optima 9 Rx so my incoming power is not limited by the connectors coming into the Rx

This has been a good option for 2 of my planes, one my 70" 3DHS Velox (I know not really giant scale, but was a test Rx for me to start hacking and soldering) This plane is running 4 x HS-5665's (HV) on the control surfaces and one HS-225mg for the throttle control of my DLE-20. I have run an in line regulator for the throttle servo since it is not rated for HV. This has been a pretty simple way to run the power to my Rx and the servos by just plugging in my Lipo battery for each flight and since the small gasser and servos don't draw too much amperage per flight (15 minutes per flight) I can fly 2 flights on a 2s 1300 (very light) and have plenty of time to charge another battery.

The second plane I did the deans pigtail on was my 107" Pilot RC Super Decathlon. Since I had almost double the servos in the SuperD; 2 x ail, 2 x flap, 2 x elevator, 1 rudder and 1 throttle; and all the servos I was running are not HV rated I needed...Continue Reading