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Posted by The PIPE | Oct 09, 2016 @ 06:12 AM | 14,667 Views
Dear Fellow RC-Groupers:

The PIPE Here...and after just over a decade here at RCG, I felt it was time to place up the first "blog entry", even though I last flew RC aircraft some 13 YEARS ago, I still VERY much want to get back to RC flying with my local AMA-chartered flying club in Halifax, MA, which IS going to take getting back to WORK again in the future to afford it all!

As I was quite surprised to find out a couple of years ago, the mid-1980s hernia operation I had that's been causing me no end of upper left leg PAIN ever since if I'm ever "on my feet" without moving for too long a time, due to a surgical mistake during my last hernia procedure in 1985, is a VALID disability, making me eligible for Federal SSI benefits and likewise, very similar Massachusetts-specific, state-level "SSP" benefits to help out while I'm still unemployed.

As I'm still living here at home with my newly-octogenarian mother, she does need someone to help take care of her here at home (get meals, doctor-visit transportation, etc) as a caretaker, and I get a roof over my head in return.

Getting back to work, though, IS going to take re-education at a Boston area community college that has good adaptability to disabled students' needs. I've already completed the first of five "distance learning" courses towards a new CAD drafting certificate that the 2-year college provides, but I'm going to HAVE to, due to my caretaker status, only take ONE course a...Continue Reading