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Posted by Diesel6401 | Aug 19, 2017 @ 07:36 AM | 4,775 Views
Ever since my son was born he's been exposed to aviation. One of his first words was "helicopter", seriously! As an aircraft mechanic for the airlines naturally I'm a aviation enthusiast. Plastic models, books, RC planes and helicopters, he's been exposed to it from day 1. Aviation and Pittsburgh sports are a constant theme in my house . A few months ago I was setting up Phoenix on a new laptop I purchased, he seen me flying and wanted to try. I hand him the radio and get him setup. He's not a natural, by any means, but he was really interested. Since that day he would ask me on several occasions if he could fly, absolutely! In July while thinking of a present for him for his upcoming 6th birthday we decided to get him his first plane. The only plane that came to my mind for him was the Apprentice. When the box arrived directly from HH weeks before his birthday I couldn't wait to open it first and take a peek. We're all kids at heart, right? Looked AWESOME, so I closed the box and was excited for his reaction to his plane.