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Posted by rukie | Feb 18, 2015 @ 07:52 AM | 8,354 Views
Ok so for those of you who have built the slow stick might say that there's not much work in building this plane. Well your are smack on, there's really not much...

The plan here is to make it my "guinea pig" plane. I am planning to use it as follows:

1. Aerial Photography Plane - I am planning to fit it with a Kfm3 heavy lift wing (which I love) and mount a small point and shoot camera with it. This is something new but I haven't done photography with a plane, only with multi's I am envisioning higher altitude photos on this one.

2. FPV plane - Of course

3. Dancing LED Plane - I will be fitting the wing and body with ws2812 LED's and will be controlling it with an arduino pro mini using an LED code I built up

This plane will be using a mini ardupilot board with GPS . Why? Just for fun and because I can. LOL!

I picked this plane since I think customizing it will be a lot easier and CG can be played upon.

Here is the box and I would say the I just love how they packed it.

Name: IMG_0034.JPG
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Description: Hobbyking Slow Stick Unboxing

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Description: Hobbyking Slow Stick Wings

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