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Posted by kcomqg | Jul 28, 2010 @ 09:14 AM | 14,288 Views
just finished mine up built it while i was camping in the rv at the campground, saw the review here on rc groups and just had to have one mine is all natural right now trying to decide on a color to paint it
i sealed mine with polyurathane around 5 coats sand seal sand seal!!!!!!!!!!! but its as smooth as glass now
has an mpi 4500 kv brushless motor 30 amp exceed rc esc tower pro 9gram servo dx7 ar 6100e receiver 3s 11.1 2200 mah lipo runs around 15 min
loads of fun i am a plane and heli guy but i liked the reveiw here on rc groups so i decided to try one it was well worth it fun to build and run
Posted by kcomqg | Mar 21, 2010 @ 04:28 PM | 12,075 Views
here are some pics of my 450 heli unsure what to call it tons of aftermarket parts align etc, built it from the ground up. has tons of bling still have more to come in the mail
tower pro servos on the cyclonic hs 81 on the tail,gy48v gyro
4500 kv motor,exceed rc 30amp esc
spektrum receiver and of course a dx7

flys like the money i have spent on it

could be for sale i am always up for trades would like another nitro heli?? make me an...Continue Reading


Posted by kcomqg | Dec 06, 2009 @ 05:10 PM | 13,014 Views
helis rule
Posted by kcomqg | Nov 04, 2009 @ 07:11 PM | 13,108 Views
i have been recentaly ripped off from a trade on here
from now on if you want to trade with me i dont ship first unless you have a higer trading rating than me
i now have a neg feedback from the guy who ripped me off because i left him a neg for the junk he mailed me! totaly unfair
please see this link

up date ripped a second time i guess i never learn
Posted by kcomqg | Aug 16, 2009 @ 05:34 PM | 13,745 Views
here are some pics of my boys at the field today
great day for flying

and some pics of my new raptor 50 titan i am used to 30 size helis this thing is a beast
has titanumin upgrades in the head and several...Continue Reading
Posted by kcomqg | Jul 19, 2009 @ 07:01 PM | 13,401 Views
here are some pics of us and my friend sam flying his switzer heli
and me flying my lazy bee
and some pics of my airplanes and heli
very nice day got to fly for half the day no wind around 79 degrees
Posted by kcomqg | May 24, 2009 @ 08:25 PM | 13,844 Views
some pics of me and my oldest son flying my hawk pro
its a 30 size heli has os 37 engine hatori pipe tourqe tube tail tons of upgrades
hitec ball bearing metal gear servos,csm gyro,volt watch,1500 mah lipo with regulator,the head and flybar are from a preadator ,and of couirse dx7 and ar6200 receiver for...Continue Reading
Posted by kcomqg | May 23, 2009 @ 09:18 AM | 13,822 Views
here are some pics of me today flying my trex 450,has hitec hs56 servos,electrifly motor,align esc, gws gyro thought was junk but seems to be just as good as the name brands,and of course spektrum ar6100e and dx7 for controls the only way to fly,and a 2000mah lipo
got all the bugs worked out took forverer,rock solid hover and foward flight
great day no wind yet but looks like its going to rain any time ...Continue Reading
Posted by kcomqg | May 11, 2009 @ 04:52 PM | 14,903 Views
had this tmaxx laying around for some time know with a blown engine
got sick of looking at it sitting there on the shelf so i decided to convert it to all electric see pics
know it runs right and you dont have to tune it no fits or dying

Flying Today

Posted by kcomqg | May 09, 2009 @ 05:59 PM | 14,185 Views
heres some pics of me and my son flying today great day no wind
flying a twist 40 and a avastar trainer
also a hobby lobby yak 55 foamey
Posted by kcomqg | May 06, 2009 @ 08:09 PM | 14,720 Views
here are some pics of my cermark javelin 2 all ready to fly as soon as i get a chance to get to the big flying field
is a killer looking plane has crome blue monokote on it kinda reminds me of a shark
has all spektrum radio gear of corse os fx 46 engine for power plant
Posted by kcomqg | Apr 12, 2009 @ 04:56 PM | 13,968 Views
here is my son and the xpd 8 we put together today
has the stock motor and fan setup
running all spektrum gear,tower pro servos in the wings
only mod i did was mounting the esc inside the air duct for space and cooling reasons
hope to fly it later today if the wind will die down a little
Posted by kcomqg | Mar 28, 2009 @ 05:23 PM | 14,102 Views
here is my favorite radio for rc cars my futaba 3pk killer radio
has the spektrum conversion
here are just a few of my rc cars
trinity switchblade2
tc4 with bmi racing chassis
sportwerks recoil 1/14 scale
and my 18r
also a pic of my losi junior2 buggy mint condition like new

my dx7

Posted by kcomqg | Mar 28, 2009 @ 05:17 PM | 13,891 Views
love this radio
i have owned alot of radios all kinds of brands this one is hands down the best i have ever had
i fly all my planes and helis with it
i need to buy another i have all the memory full at this time
i bought this one from stuart linfoot here on rc groups great guy
have since bought another one know i own one heli and one air version
Posted by kcomqg | Mar 28, 2009 @ 05:12 PM | 13,917 Views
here are a couple of my electric helis
a blade mcx killer flying little heli have over 18 hours on this thing and no problems yet have 5 lipos for it they are outage 130 mah

the second one is a blade cx2 has all the good stuff on it flys great
i fly both with my dx7

both for sale for the right price
Posted by kcomqg | Jan 12, 2009 @ 11:18 PM | 14,210 Views
here are some of my planes and stuff in my hanger
also have a few in the house under construction
Posted by kcomqg | Jan 12, 2009 @ 11:03 PM | 13,933 Views
got a new plane in a trade deal its 1/4 scale 80 in winspan fuse is 56" long
can anyone tell what kind of plane this is, looks kinda like a giant super sportster but fuse is to tall
pm me let me know
might be for sale for the right price
i am going to finsh her up has some small things left to do going to use a 20 cc engine on it seems very light should fly well

just got a new zenoha 26 cc engine for it almost ready for its first flight

from what i can find on this plane its an ace big bingo was a short kit
Posted by kcomqg | Dec 10, 2008 @ 10:51 AM | 13,662 Views
heres some pics of my new super sporster i just finished up
has the stock brushed 400 motor and gear box
has a jeti 35 amp brushed esc
running a 11.1 volt lipo
should be fun as soon as the weather here clears up snow and wind
Posted by kcomqg | Nov 30, 2008 @ 01:55 PM | 12,833 Views
best money i have spent on a radio in a long time
have had it around 2 months know love it, easy to set up and use
i would highly recomend it to a new person

Posted by kcomqg | Nov 30, 2008 @ 01:52 PM | 12,194 Views
here are my two park flyers
a gws slow stick has a eflite park 400 brushless motor, castle phioniex 10 esc,i run a 1400mah 7.4 volt lipo pack in this one

my other one is a gws picco stick has a brushed motor i think its a 200 size,gws speed control,i run 600mah 7.4 volt lipos,it will run 40+minutes on thease