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What a fun plane !

Should have got one a long time ago!
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Ultralight quadcopters - Toothpicks, Twigs and Cinewhoops are gaining bigger popularity these days. Size and weight of the components is the crucial factor for these quads. So there is high demand of a small and lightweight VTX, of course with a decent performance and reasonable price. There are a few really good receivers out there, like TBS Unify Pro32 Nano, or Cricket Nano VTXbut they are pricy.Echine has its own line of the small video transmitters with VTX03, ATX03 and ATX03S. RecentlyEachine released even smaller, lighter and more powerful Nano VTX. Lets take a closer look at it and test the output power of this VTX.

Eachine Nano VTX

Output Power: PIT/25mW/100mW/200mW/400mW Switchable
Control Mode: BFOSD Control(RX)/Button
Video System: NTSC/PAL
Antenna: IPEX
Size: 14mm*15mm*4mm
Weight: 1.5 g

- 5.8GHz 48CH FPV transmitter
- 5V input voltage
- 25/100/200/400mW power switchable
- Support OSD configuring via Betaflight flight controller
- Supports PIT mode
- u.Fl (IPEX) antenna connector

Inside the box there is Nano VTX, simple dipole antenna and the instructions leaflet.

Closer view of the top side of the VTX.

Closer view of the back side of the VTX. This side heats up the most.

...Continue Reading
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It is understood that many countries including China and Canada have already launched drone air patrols and participated in highway traffic management. The drones focus on traffic violations such as emergency lane parking and big car occupation.

UAV patrol duty is mainly used for aerial photography to observe road traffic congestion and capture traffic violations. According to the traffic police who used the professional training of the UAV in the early stage, within the scope of the radiation coverage of the drone, it can be said where to shoot, and all kinds of violations of traffic rules and road safety can not escape its law. The trajectory of all vehicles and the number plate of the vehicle can be taken very clearly. For some motor vehicles that do not follow the prescribed lanes, illegal lanes for illegal lanes, and emergency lanes, they can be captured, providing strong evidence for the traffic police department to be punished according to law; and capturing and exposing some illegal activities such as retrograde vehicles. Elimination of blind spots in road enforcement.

It is reported that most of the traffic police departments in China currently use the most advanced UAV monitoring equipment, including the Thyea Z40 HD zoom head and the Cirrutitan detachable tether system independently developed by MMC UAV. The Z40 camera pan/tilt is custom-made with a 40x optical zoom lens with a pixel count of 25 million. Even in the air, the inside of the car and the cab can be clearly seen. The Cirrutitan detachable tether system is designed to deliver power to the drone for long periods of time in the air, enabling the drone to perform 24-hour flight monitoring in the air.
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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

X-UFO 85X Cinewhoop review. This Geelang Hobby X-UFO 85X 4K 3-4S Cinewhoop FPV Racing Drone With Supra F4 FC OSD 12A Esc Caddx Tarsier Cam DVR BNF review includes unboxing, inspection, setup, binding, betaflight settings, Caddx Tarsier FPV OSD & 4K camera settings, Wifi App, flight & duration tests. Flight action starts at 24:35 .

You can get this Geelang Hobby X-UFO 85X 4K 3-4S Cinewhoop FPV Racing Drone With Supra F4 OSD 12A Caddx Tarsier Cam DVR BNF here:

Geelang Hobby X-UFO 85X 4K 3-4S Cinewhoop FPV Racing Drone review (32 min 18 sec)

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I am trying to find the best priced and reputable supplier for the families drones. I can’t seem to find the right 3.7v batteries in the right dimensions. We are in Australia but also happy to go online.
Can anyone out there help this Newby to Dronesville ????
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31st year. Wow! For the first decade or so I was a regular. Then in the early 00s we lost our big field and the IMAA, for which I was the local AVP, started its slide. I lost heart and family issues flew very little for a decade. Im getting the urge to fly big planes again. This trip reinforced that urge.

The emphasis at Bomber Fields annual event is bombers. Historically B-17s but this year there were others including a buck of B-24s, a couple of B-25s and a B-29.

You can find a lot more about this years event on Social Media . Check Bomberfield (one word), the NASA scale and, my friends, RC Roundtable pages....Continue Reading
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Yes !
The first one was WLtoys F949 with a 8520 brushed motor .
But it is a two wing kit
So what to do with the 2nd wing ?

Brushless of course ..

Motor = RacerStar 1103 1-3s / props came with the kit
ESC = 6A EBAY job
Rx = FS2A from BG ( My Fav 4ch Rx )
Servos = ? I dont know , either 5g or 4.3g or something .

Been in limbo for a while waiting for a motor . Hopefully do 1:1 thrust or better ( I hope ) .
This motor seems to run fine . ( The first one was FUBAR )
Flying soon I hope .
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Well after 50 missions I got fed up with the stock gear getting wabbolly and loose so I decided I needed to do some exploratory surgery and come up with a fix. I moved the retract over 2.4 centimeters and will get rid of the ugly spring the stock strut has. In doing so, I can put Oleo struts on and fix the stance a little....Continue Reading
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QS8 Connectors (1 pair)

The ultimate solution for high-current applications, the QS8 connector offers a secure fit and easy install, along with safety covers for both the male and female side. Each connector is also fused for added safety.
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I had a rare opportunity to fly this morning and took out my Slow Poke Sport 40, Taube 40, and 1/2A Brigadier. My daughter caught some of the flying on her phone before her arm got tired.
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1/10 Drift Tire
DTPA03001A: Flat
DTPA03001B: Lines
DTPA03001C: Side Curved
Wholesale Price please PM or contact me at: [email protected]
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I havent posted a blog for quite a while. I will be listing a lot of things for sale soon. I had a a heart attack earlier this year, and just havent been able to enjoy the hobby any longer. Its been a chore to get to the field, and havent enjoyed being there. Im going to list what is shippable, and try to sell larger items locally.
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Public Safety Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Free Online Course
Nov. 18 - Dec. 1, 2019

Embry-Riddle Worldwide offers MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) to anyone with an Internet connection and a desire to learn about aviation. And they are free! Future MOOCs will be announced as scheduled.

This two-week MOOC covers key concepts related to small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) as applied to the Public Safety (PS) sector (Law Enforcement, Fire, Search, and Rescue), including basic types, characteristics, applications, and current and future use.
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We've been actively analyzing electric power for the past 8 years on the RCG Power Systems for Extreme Flight Fanatics! thread, and I posted this about a month ago to recap some of the mathematical concepts that interrelate propeller specifications and load ratings with motor Kv, voltage, power-in, power-out, torque, and current.

For the benefit of anyone that may come by this blog, a basic understanding of algebra is all that's needed to understand these concepts. Those of us that have posted online calculators understand that the mathematical concepts that relate with each other are as follows:

Concept 1 - Efficiency:

We start off with an assumption about the efficiency of our outrunner motors and go from there. Testing will tell us exactly how efficient each motor is by comparing unloaded RPM/v against loaded RPM/v. This can be affected by the ESC since it is, after all, the 'speed controller', but as long as we test each example with the same controller and settings, and stick with the recommended settings, we should end up with a fair and relative comparison of motor and prop performance.

As an example of the process, I will use a common 50cc power systems. If we have a 24x10 PJN with a typical 980 to 1180 gram outrunner that has an efficiency difference of 80%, it means that the power we put into the system results in about 80% of that power at the shaft. This is not too bad considering that a gas engine runs at about a 35% efficiency from the fuel to the...Continue Reading