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Posted by Patzpaint | Jan 15, 2017 @ 12:08 AM | 4,240 Views
So control line flying was now a passion, after completely wearing out the .049, and obtaining a Taipan .15 glow, an Aero Flyte Fury A class team racer, I got hooked on team racing.
I joined the Townsville Model Aircraft club and the monthly meetings always had a "jumble sale/swap shop". I was able to get many crashed planes that I repaired and flew again, some motors , most were hard to get running!
My eldest brother was involved in radio and electronics, and was working at the new TV station in our town.
There was a kids show on every afternoon, and the host was asking for kids to share what they did in their spare time. He told them about the Model Aero Club, and that his brother was a builder and may be interested in going on. I thought , why not, and the first time I went on I had a " my design" simple .15 powered stunted in bare bones and explained how it was built. The second time on a week later, I had covered and painted it, and explained how that was accomplished.
That ended my TV career!
RC was just coming in by this time, the club bought a transmitter, & my dad bought me an "Invader" rudder only and I worked for him after school to buy a receiver. That done, plane built we went SC flying on the weekends. Escapements, valves, relays, rubber bands, those were the days.
I was getting older now, started work in 63 as an apprentice boilermaker.
The need to get to my job required me to obtain transportation, which led to...Continue Reading
Posted by Patzpaint | Nov 22, 2016 @ 12:26 PM | 4,224 Views
I thought that I would try this out, and explain a bit about myself first up.
I am a 68 year old semi retired gent, that has lived a great life, filled with many learning experiences.
I was born in Australia, and grew up there and got married and had a beautiful daughter, then we moved to Canada in 1972.

My father was the manager of an automotive engine reconditioning shop/parts supplier. This gave me the opportunity from about 1952 - 1968 to learn all things automotive. He also built a Go-Kart and we went racing from about '57 to '63. I did win a Juvenile State Championship. He also introduced me to model aircraft, his shop foreman dabbled in it and had a few diesel engines and other stuff that he donated to my endeavors.
So I now had a ED 2.46 Racer and 2 -.75's. I built a U/C profile model for the Racer and got to get the ED running a few times, the first flight was not pretty, and didn't last long. I fixed it, but knocked the front off it a few times just trying to start the ED.
My father took pity on me, and figured that the only way I was going to succeed at this is with an indestructible, so he got me a Cox PT19 Trainer. Finally I was able to get to actually fly a control line plane. I would have been about 8 at this time.