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Three Jís Glider Works was founded with the goal of providing first quality Gliders and Sailplanes most people can afford.

I do not believe in taking a dump truck grocery shopping. This is the same logic we apply to designing and building our airplanes. If fiberglass will get the job done that is what we use. If carbon fiber is needed we use carbon fiber. We do not believe in using a material simply because it is better than another material, it needs to be performance justified to be applied to our building process.

We rate performance in two ways, durability and flying characteristics. Durability is pretty straightforward. The plane needs to hold up to my flyingÖ. As many people can attest I am very hard on my planes. I tend to try maneuvers that the majority of flyers would never and should never attempt. I love to do slalomís with my smaller planes and low level turns with my larger planes as well as high speed passes and loops.

Flying characteristics are purely subjective but I will attempt to explain some of the criteria we use. If a plane cannot glide for 200í from a smooth overhead toss the glide ratio is unacceptable. If a plane cannot turn with in 300% of the planís wingspan the control surfaces need to be reworked. In terms of thermal characteristics, if a plane cannot indicate the slightest lift it will never leave the shop.

We pride ourselves on producing planes that can be tuned to be quite docile or can be tuned to be very agile and responsive. We...Continue Reading