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The functional diagram of the autopilot is shown on a picture. The heart of the autopilot is the LEVEL1 block. This module is a high-priority function and is executed independently of other events every (15.625 ms tested version) 46.875 ms. Its task is to keep the aircraft in the correct flight position.
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The input data for the module is the FSSi structure, which contains the parameters Roll, Pitch and Air Speed. A correct flight position we will name roll = 0 and pitch = 0, when Ref signals are absent. Also this module controls the engine controller of the aircraft and ensures the holding of the speed received from the LEVEL2 unit in accordance with the flight task. The Level2 module disturbs the LEVEL1 module by the Ref signals and thus forces it to hold non-zero roll and pitch values that calculated in accordance with the flight task. The speed parameter is directly transmitted from the flight task. The output of the module is a data structure that contains the current position of ailerons, elevator, rudder and rudder (Throttle). This structure in the program is called FSSo, the Module has the name FltStSys (flight stabilization system). It can be fed into the PWMC (Pulse Wide Modulation Controller) if the autopilot mode is activated. Otherwise, a structure filled with a timer is sent to the PWMC according to the measured values received from the HF receiver. This is a traditional control mode for radio-controlled models. The Level2 module is slower, it generates...Continue Reading
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Feilun FT011 Brushless Race Boat Unboxing (7 min 13 sec)

I'm excited about this unboxing because it's another brushless RC boat! You know how I was shocked by how much fun I had with the Atomic Barbwire 2. This one is brushless as well, but bigger. It's the FeiLun FT011 brushless and watercooled RC Speedboat. It comes in at a great price. Can't wait to run it and get a speed test for y'all.

Check out the FeiLun FT011 Brushless RC Boat at Gearbest ⇨ http://bit.ly/FeiLun-FT011
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Before buying the Mavic Pro, I was intrigued by its “Active Track” function, thinking that it can follow my plane around. It turns out the AT function works quite well tracking surface moving targets. It fails quite miserably at tracking airborn targets, with changing of back ground from ground to sky, sudden and fast moves of aircraft, especially changing flight phase, ie. takeoff, landing, maneuvering etc. The only conditions where it works tracking a airborne targets is when the target moves in a very benign manner with little altitude and angular change relative to the drone, essentially mimicking how a surface target moves. So if anyone is considering buying a Mavic Pro to autonomously film aerial footage of planes, don’t!

Here is a successful attempt after dozens of tries following a plane through takeoff. Any closer, the angular change would be too great for AT to follow:

Test RC Plane Chase with Mavic Pro Active Track- Raw (0 min 40 sec)

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Welcome to my Blog,
I wanted to let everyone know (and especially those with current orders) I have recently donated my pilot figure and R/C products production(Benchmark R/C) to a non profit company called Build-Up Services Inc. It has been a little confusion and delays in shipping while reorganizing and getting the shop equipped and in order for these changes. This company is an employment service company for Disabled Veterans, and other individuals who may be disabled or challenged to work in a standard workplace scenario. I will be assisting them in training for production , painting, and sales. I have found some very capable and talented Disabled Vets...and think they will become a great opportunity to make this company thrive.
Build -Up Services is also involved in "Faith-Based" counseling, food assistance, and whatever other needs we can help, besides just supply a job. For those who risked it all to secure our freedoms here in the USA thank you . This is the least we can do to support such a worthy cause.
As we transition into a stable workforce we will be posting updates on our website[U] https://mhartfab.wixsite.com/benchmark-rc about Build Up Services. There will be links to help support our DAVs and gift offers as well.
We will be implementing some price changes with some of our new listings on the classified site and a complete list will be on our website as well.
Thank you past customers, and hopefully new ones for your support.
Sincerely, Michael Hicks
Posted by GBLynden | Yesterday @ 10:51 PM | 432 Views
This is the unboxing only for the FEI LUN FX176C2 RTF GPS Drone With WiFi FPV. It is a very budget friendly RC Aircraft.

Unboxing Only - FEI LUN FX176C2 RTF GPS Drone With WiFi FPV (9 min 31 sec)

Here are the Pros and Cons:

- Seems like a well thought out budget friendly RC GPS Drone
- The ability to fly with the App with Wifi FPV and GPS is cool
- The price using the link with the coupon code included in the description is pretty impressive
- Because of the battery plug it comes with, it can be charged with a hobby grade charger
- The lights are nice and bright

- Camera does not appear to be terrific
- The direction the FPV antenna was facing so far and that was an easy fix
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Wing of choice is the Spirit 600mm from Banggood ..
This will be my 2nd Spirit 600 ..
The first was made more robustly with 9g servos and a larger motor ( 18 something ? )
And a heavy 3ch car Rx
And it needs some weight in the nose to balance things out .. ( Larger battery )

So hopefully the 2nd time around I can do it better :

This time I am going with the 1306 - 4000KV motor ( small - light )
Also a much smaller lighter ESC ( not sure 6A is enough - will see )
Also the servos this time will be 3.7g
And I will be using a Redcon 6ch Rx ( very light )
This will hopefully allow for the use of a small 2s like a 250 -300mAh battery ..
The goal on this build is to go light .. This should allow for much slower flight speed / glide better as well ..
I know , less weight will mean less tolerance to wind ..
But I really want a slow wing ( compact for easy deployment )
Posted by BDOG1 | Yesterday @ 09:05 PM | 488 Views
Got out again with my sloping buddies.
The day started in the 60"s but was in the low 40's by late afternoon when we made it to the hill 12 to 15 mph.
Flights with the Sizzle, Ka-8, Sally, Ez glider and Zagi
A good Time was had by all !
Posted by angelo.p | Yesterday @ 06:29 PM | 546 Views
Here is my review with first flight of Ldarc KingKong Tiny 6X.

This time KingKong decided to use 7mm motors (like the old Tiny7) on 66mm frame (like the old Tiny 6): a perfect combination!
Speed and agility!
An indoor parking race in acro mode in the next video... please subscribe to my channel!
KINGKONG LDARC TINY 6X - Test e recensione dell'ultimo Tiny Whoop Killer! (12 min 33 sec)

Posted by Mad_angler1 | Yesterday @ 05:26 PM | 647 Views
The DJI Mavic Air Unboxing and Review.

DJI Mavic Air Unbox and Initial Walk Though (13 min 54 sec)

Over the last week I have been able to spend some time with the new DJI Mavic Air and wanted to share with you my thought, some info and details on this new model and take a closer look at some of its main features

The Package

It’s clear DJI have put a lot of effort into all aspects of their product releases these days and that includes the packaging too, the boxes are a nice clean white design with simple a picture on the front showing you what you about to see, as you lift the lid your hit with a that nice new product smell and everything is carefully packaged and positioned neatly waiting for you, your first presented with a padded semi ridged protective case that contains the Craft, below this Is the first box of accessories that contains quick release prop guards, a spare set of props and the user guides, below this is the remote and the final box of accessories that contains the battery charger, A USB C Cable and adapter, additional device connection cables and a spare set of control sticks

The Craft

...Continue Reading
Posted by biglombo | Yesterday @ 04:34 PM | 637 Views
Fun in this awesome and huge equestrian centre! part2

Camera: Xiaomy Yi - with SuperView script

I hope you enjoy and if you like what you see, please subscribe my channel! http://bit.ly/2y4wZgh .....THANK YOU!!!

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Horsepower - pt.2 | FPV FREESTYLE | RACING DRONE ITALY (3 min 37 sec)

Watch part 1 here:
Horsepower - pt.1 | FPV FREESTYLE RACING DRONE | ITALY (3 min 44 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by biglombo | Yesterday @ 04:32 PM | 640 Views
Finally after almost one year of FPV, even if I live near it, for the first time I went to fly one battery to the legendary "stargate" in Rome. I had a relaxing flight after the sunset, unfortunately with a lot of wind. Really exciting location...lot of adrenaline!

Camera: Xiaomy Yi - with SuperView script

I hope you enjoy and if you like what you see, please subscribe my channel! http://bit.ly/2y4wZgh .....THANK YOU!!!

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Stargate after the sunset | FPV FREESTYLE RACING | DRONE ITALY ROME (3 min 43 sec)

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Checking out the new Mirarobot S60 Brushed RC Drone which is RTF ,has a built in 5.8G Transmitter FPV CAMERA also this quadcopter has both Three and Six Axis Modes.Pretty cool little quadcopter

Mirarobot S60 FPV Quadcopter Review And Staircase FPV Flight (10 min 53 sec)

You can pick up the Mirarobot S60 here https://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopt...?lkid=12793650
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I have version open-x9D v1.1.02 trying to upgrade. I cannot down load any firm ware. It will not turn on properly using the two trim buttons and powering on. I get the message throttle error. All my models are gone somehow the system formatted over everything however I did backup my models.

Started DFU Util
C:/Program Files (x86)/OpenTX/Companion 2.0/dfu-util.exe -a 0 --dfuse-address 0x08000000:524288 -d 0483:df11 -UC:/Users/Mike/AppData/Local/Temp/2432-flash-check.bin
================================================== ===============================
dfu-util 0.7

Copyright 2005-2008 Weston Schmidt, Harald Welte and OpenMoko Inc.
Copyright 2010-2012 Tormod Volden and Stefan Schmidt
This program is Free Software and has ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY
Please report bugs to dfu-util@lists.gnumonks.org

Filter on vendor = 0x0483 product = 0xdf11
No DFU capable USB device found

Got this resolved but I tried to write my models back to the radio using companion 2.2 and it told me the USB was not connected . The radio said the USB was connected
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A pilot and passenger from Australia sustained only small cuts and bruises when an elk jumped and severed the tail rotor of their helicopter Monday evening near Currant Creek in Wasatch County. The pair was attempting to net the animal, Wasatch County Search and Rescue said on Facebook. Few details were immediately released, and it was not clear how the elk fared. First responders from Fruitland evaluated the two aboard the helicopter.
Posted by justhuman | Yesterday @ 02:54 PM | 705 Views
The main part of the Ka-3 fuselage frames are built. Still a lot of tedious filleting to do before the fun of detailing can begin.
Posted by copilt79 | Yesterday @ 12:48 PM | 787 Views
My personal policies for classifieds


I can only ship 4 times a week, so PLEASE DON'T PANIC if you don't see your item in 7 days. If I receive payment right after a trip to the PO, you can most certainly add a extra day to the delivery date. Sorry, I have a real life RC is not my business, and that comes first...

#2. SHIPPING METHODS - Unless stated in my posts, I ship small stuff via 1st class and larger stuff via Priority Mail or FedEx. If you have a problem with this, please make this clear in your offer. I will ship anyway you like but I will also pass on the costs to you.

#3. I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SELL TO WHOM I CHOOSE. I will usually work on a first come first serve basis, If you are the "first buyer" to respond to my ad, you will have 12 hours or less to post payment or the sale will fall to the next buyer in line with the same "12 hours or less" rule. This is at my discretion. But I reserve that right in special circumstances. I WILL ALWAYS HONOR MY WORD

, but if you ASK A LOT OF FOOLISH QUESTIONS or HAGGLE, please don't expect to be the first considered just because you were the first to contact me. As soon as somebody says "I'LL TAKE IT", the item is SOLD (pending payment within 24 hours). I certainly don't mind answering questions, but a quick sale is what I'm really looking for. 
I absolutely hate haggling, but still feel free to make offers, ya never know.. 
...Continue Reading
Posted by Bill M - RC | Yesterday @ 11:00 AM | 848 Views
Bill M - RC : RC Enthusiast, Hobbyist & Reviewer - Sharing rc video reviews, modifications, advice & tips of rc quadcopters, drones, planes, boats, cars, crawlers, radio controllers, equipment & FPV.

Bill M - RC Introduction video (1 min 50 sec)

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Hi everyone,
In addition to go brushless, I replace original 3.7v motors with 7.4v 8520 motors and larger props. Can anyone show me threads about this idea or there is none before.
Mod steps:
1. Add a 2S balance charging female connector as the power source.
2. Remove 4 M+ lines from FC and connect all to 7.4v.


1. 選擇機架搭配 8520 馬達/直驅槳(沒有減速) e.g. jxd515w, tiny8, Q100...

2. 選擇 silverware FC.
e.g. H8 mini, H67, B03, E011
其他不能刷 silverware 也可以 e.g. JJ1000
但不能調 PID

確認 所有 M+ 連接至 Vbat, 輸出級為 NMOS

3. 連接 2S 平衡充母座到飛控板,3.7v 給飛控,led,低電壓 都維持不變。

一般的 SOT23 NMOS 1A Vgs 8/10V, Vds 20V, 可以對應 2S PWM

4. 連接 4顆馬達 M+ 到平衡充母座 7.4v,M- 位置不變。或再增加一個2S母接頭 (e.g. JST)