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Posted by Pete P | May 02, 2012 @ 12:24 PM | 3,849 Views
1. Flew my MiMi- It's a model designed by Ralpth Bradley.
Radio: Champ 3ch DSM2
Motor: 7mm "Red" with GWS 2.5x1 clone (trimmed for .6A draw)
Battery: 70mAh, then 160mAh cells (both work perfectly)
AUW: 16.5g
Flew like a dream, but I think it needs between 0 and the recommended downthrust- The plans have too much (maybe my scale?), and zero was just slightly not enough... It pulls up a bit on 75% throttle, but nosedives at 50% throttle with the DT the plans have.
Flight time was 15 minutes till the wind picked up- When I got home, the 160mAh cell was still at 3.7v! The 70 mAh cell was only used for 3 tosses to get the COG and the feel of the model.

2. I finally picked up a Spektrum Dx6i. I can't wait to use it!

3. I also picked up a pair of 30mm ducted fans with 7mm motors- I've already modified the prop to accept the shaft of the SuperSlicks 7mm motors, and amp draw is slightly more (.9A now), as is thrust (just under 9g). Should be fun!