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Posted by JohnOCFII | Jan 12, 2015 @ 09:42 PM | 7,287 Views
This build log will attempt to capture the steps required for my first RC build since 1998 when I put together an electric motor glider.

I've got some tiny RTF Quads, and I also have a 500 sized 3D Robotics IRIS. I decided I wanted something in between for my first build. I was looking for something a bit more sturdy than the IRIS, yet something that could still carry a small camera. It seemed the 250-sized quadcopters would fit that requirement. A bit more research led me to the HoverThings Flip FPV 260 frame.

Other key components include:

Other key components will be listed as they come into the build. For now, a couple of photos of the initial steps of the project.