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Posted by Oregon Craig | Mar 10, 2012 @ 06:36 PM | 6,451 Views
Well, in the Summer of 2010, my Wife and I were at an IMAC contest, and to make the story short, she won this ARF in the big raffle. I finally built it, but have yet to maiden it.

Using an EFlite 15, a CC Thundebird 54 and 2450 3S battery. With the battery all the way up as far as it would fit, it balances just right. I'm told it should balance at the leading edge of the lower wing, which it does being even tiny bit nose heavy. I think for the maiden it will do fine.

It weighs 2.8 pounds with battery Velcroed into place. I ran a wattmeter test, but I honestly forgot what I read. Using a 11x5.5 APC I think it was around 300+ something watts. I felt good about the thrust anyway. I can adjust prop size if need be.

Posted by Oregon Craig | Mar 10, 2012 @ 06:20 PM | 6,786 Views
I've had this thing here running on a glow .46 for many years. It shows, as it is beat!

Well, now it's gone E!

A Turnigy SK3 4240-740 with an APC-E 11x5.5. A Hobbywing 60 Amp speed control. A GensAce 5S 4000.

I had to push the battery all the way forward in the fuel tank compartment and even then I needed two ounces of lead as far forward in the "cowl" cheeks as I could get. Balances right on the wing spar, just like before.

I made some blocks out of foam that had the outside dimensions of the fuel tank compartment, then I made a battery shaped hole through the foam. Shoved it in and now the battery slides in snugly, but hits the firewall fairly easily. To keep it from sliding back any, a nice velcro strap.

I also added a SharpRC ArmSafe, since I did not make a hatch. I can shove the big lipo in, put the wing on, and then when I'm ready to fly, just use the ArmSafe plug which I mounted where the flight battery switch used to be in the glow days.

The 2 inch standoff spacers came from an online electronic supply joint that I often use in my professional life. Worked slick. The slight down and right thrust is built into the firewall, so I still have that.

Maiden? Well, if it stops raining and blowing. I know the plane flies well, I'm really jazzed to go E with it.

In my wattmeter test, I stopped 3-4 clicks shy of WOT cuz I didn't feel my holding the plane method was safe. I read a peak of 527 watts at around 26.? amps. The motor is rated at 50 A supposedly, so I was willing to go to 40 if needed. I have a supply of props to try, but the 11x5.5 will be the maiden prop. I have it balanced and it sure feels as if it wants to fly!

Weight is 81 ounces or 5 pounds 1 ounce, ready to fly, with the lipo full of electrons!