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Posted by anibalm | Nov 12, 2021 @ 08:26 PM | 6,739 Views
The most beautiful R/C Airplane in my Hangar. Just wanted to Share this Museum Quality Aircraft. FAA Commercial Pilot and R/C Pilot. Most of my R/C Planes represent the History Trials and Tribulations of Aviation.Many Aviation Pioneers lost their lives so that today we could cross Continents in a mater of hours.Charles Lindbergh spent 32.5 hours in 1927 crossing the Atlantic Ocean .From New York to Paris non-stop in his Ryan Spirit of St. Louis Monoplane. No Navigation Equipment ,just a Crude Earth Inductor Compass and using a Sexton to Navigate by the Stars.No GPS!!! No De ICE BOOTS on the wings.Twice he came close to Crashing into the ice cold Atlantic. Icing forming on the leading edges of the wings making the aircraft heavier and destroying the lift of the Airfoil (Wings).Carburetor Icing nearly shut Down his 220 hp.Wright Whirlwind J-5C 9 Cylinder Radial Engine. He not only survived all the Mechanical Problems but had to fight through strong gusting winds ,Cold No glass windows,No Forward Visibility ,as there was a 420 gal.Tank in front of the Cockpit .He had to Fly by the Seat of his Pants and using Peripheral Vision.To see forward he used a sliding Periscope on the left side of the Airplane. Remember 32.5 hrs Non-STOP in a small and cramped Cockpit No Such thing as an Auto Pilot,Meaning Hand Flying NO SLEEP The whole route.Many before Him tried and lost their lives in the process. Lindbergh was the only to successfully accomplish this Long Flight.He with his Little Ryan Monoplane in 1927 proved to the World that Air travel across Continents was the Future of Aviation and that It could be done Safe.Many people do not understand and take for granted what those Early Aviation Pioneers gave us.The FREEDOM OF AIR TRAVEL. Think about this every time you look up at an Airliner flying above .For this reason "This is my most treasured Aircraft in my Hangar." Willson A.Martinez.