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Posted by ChrisCro82 | Dec 15, 2020 @ 06:43 PM | 7,990 Views
It's been quite awhile since i've posted on my RC Groups Blog.
Since then I've made the jump to DJI HD. I've never been a fan of DJI,due to the fact that you can only buy their proprietary FPV equipment.
Only a single company is currently working with DJI and that's Caddix, and i've never been a big fan of Caddix.

Yet, the image quality when flying DJI HD is amazing compared to premium Analog systems.
I'm not being biased at all, I really wish i could say and type that the DJI HD system wasn't great.
I can honestly say i'm not being biased due to the fact that I was flying with quite literally the best optical equipment money could buy at the time.
Prior to flying High-Definition my optical equipment was Orqa FPV.One goggles paired with the Clearview Pro groundstation.
My reasoning in buying the best is to buy the best equipment because you don't want a crappy fpv experience. Which in turn will diminish you piloting and increase the likelihood of some type of signal loss, noise, or cause a crash.

Build List below:
HyperLow RS+/EX 5" frame.
Emax RSII 2306-1600kv
Kakute F7 HDV
Aikon AK32 55A 4in1 6s ESC
TBS Crossfire
(2)VAS Minion Pro (SMA) Long RHCP
DJI Air Unit
HQ 4.8x3.4x4 Quadprop
GoPro Hero8
CNHL 1250mah 6s

HyperLow RS+/EX 6s ( Pre-work morning jam session ) (2 min 36 sec)

Posted by ChrisCro82 | Jul 01, 2020 @ 03:15 AM | 8,688 Views
So I finally pulled the trigger on the GoPro Hero 8. I'm blown away and how clear the image is compared to my old GoPro Session 5.
Here's a clip of me flying my 6s HyperLow RS+ after work. My only regret is i didn't charge more lipos and had more daylight.

HyperLow RS+ ( GoPro8 testing ) (2 min 7 sec)

Posted by ChrisCro82 | May 18, 2019 @ 05:41 PM | 5,078 Views
HyperLow RS+ 6s (3 min 39 sec)

So i finally made the leap to 6s and was relatively surprised by both the flight times and power i was getting on this HyperLow RS+ build.
I have another RS+ that is running 4s lipos and it's an amazing quad,and i can honestly say it's probably the best flying quad i've ever flown in all my years of
flying quadcopters. I'm getting anywhere between 3-6 minutes of flight time on CNHL 1250mah 6S lipos and running Emax RSII 2306-1600kv motors.
I'm also running BetaFlight 4.0 with bidir/rpm filter and it's helped out alot,only time i really get propwash is when i forget to apply the throttle to harshly.
I've only been flying this build very rarely because i only have three 6s lipos so far. My next step to improving this

Here is the build list of the quad.

HyperLow RS+ (true x,and 15mm standoffs)
T-Motor 55A Pro
(3) Panosonic 1000uf capacitors
PiroFlip F4 (overclocked to 216mhz)
Emax RSII 2306-1600kv
Runcam Micro Eagle
TBS Nano Pro32
Lumenier AXII (micro)
Gemfan 5149