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Posted by whakahere | May 29, 2011 @ 03:49 PM | 7,806 Views
Well I might as well blog what I am doing. I have been running range tests on 5.8ghz 200mw. I never liked the stock antennas as all it gave me was a bunch of multipathing that just lead to a crappy picture and not the greatest experience.


As you can see here I got nothing but blackouts which is commonly called multipathing.

One day while on these forums IBCrazy starting talking about his new design of antenna the cloverleaf. Soon after Markus123456 claimed he was able to reach 6km with a SPW on the receiver and a coverleaf on the transmitter. Of course I just had to try all this out.

With the right environment I am sure that more range can be had with the cloverleaf but I seem to hit a wall around 3km. Not that it isn't impossible to carry on but the picture does start to fade out.

5.8ghz at 3km.mp4 cloverleaf spw (4 min 8 sec)

Not bad for a 200mw system based on omni antennas. Of course I wanted that magical 6km. So to improve the distance I built myself another one of IBCrazies designs - the helical.

Now this bad boy has shot me out to 5.9km in an environment that isn't the same as above. There seems to be more noise around here as in the direction I am heading I can only get 2km on the CL/SPW combo. With the 6 turn helical I can just keep going.

Here is a little video of a 5.1km flight to prove that even on 5.8ghz you can go a fair distance.


So there is my first ever, I am procrastinating blog post. I am meant to be writing reports!