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Posted by kbkopy | Dec 08, 2009 @ 01:08 AM | 10,113 Views
Hello R/C and C/L Modelers,

New update --- I had a Stroke on September16th, 2021. I'm home, not much feeling in my left hand, but I can live with that. Sure got my attention, I had been trying to cut down on having all this hobby stuff, now I better get with the program so I won't leave it all for my wife to get rid of.

As of this update, I'm 86 years old as of JULY 31. I have been building and flying model airplanes for the the last 80 years. I started flying Rubber Power before WWII, Free Flight with a Bantam .19, Control Line in 1947. Got my first Big engine, a BUZZ 60 and applied for AMA Insurance about the same time. Received AMA # 1528. I built and flew Ignition engine powered FF and C/L and went crazy when Ray Arden invented the Glow Plug in 1947. I built my own radios and attempted R/C about 1954, usually ended up with a free flight model that crashed while hauling very heavy batteries.

I have flown C/L & R/C in the USA and many different foreign countries. I have been around the world seven (7) times. I have flown R/C (Mode 1 & Mode 2) and Control Line models in Brazil, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Mainland China, Penang Island Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Bruni, Bangkok Thailand, Japan, and Taiwan.

I have served in every office of The Oklahoma Radio Kontrol Society (TORKS ) over the last 45 years. AMA Contest Director and Intro Pilot. Performed 14 Product Reviews for the out of print "Radio Control Modeler Magazine" (R/...Continue Reading