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Posted by crashEMhard | Jul 27, 2008 @ 10:21 AM | 8,241 Views
Hello all,

My Name is Nick and i am from The Cornfields Of IL. I am just getting ready to turn 30 and have been in the RC Hobby since I have been 12. I just got into electrics and helis. I currently have a E flite blade 400 with some hop ups. This is my 2nd heli and so far so good (no crashes). I am a nitro guy at heart. I currently have a Wing MFG AT6 with a OS 46sf with a pump and is very fast at 4.5 pounds, id would have to say darn near 95-100 mph.

My whole family has been into RC for many years ( my brother is a sight to see with planes and helis, that boy needs a sponsor).

I fly a beautiful scratch built pattern plane my dad designed and made kits for, 20 years ago 46 size. it looks like a 30's airplane and is so fun to fly. maybe i should have him make more kits, they would be popular today if people liked to build anymore.

I have flown it all except turbine, 3D, and big heli's. I have trained many people below me at our field and have had fun doing it, it is a great hobby to be in! My all time favorites are kinda old school. I love the Sig Kougar, King Kobra, and the Goldberg Chipmunk or which i have had many of. Me and my brother are looking into 50cc planes. i may go QK yak, but its time to save the cash, just got married so my hobby is regrowing slow.

We have a 1/4 petenpo that we are redoing that my dad scratch built and scaled out 20 years ago. I have been out of the hobby for 5 years due to other hobbys and work and getting back into it. I have been busy trying to help my buddy stationed in iraq get some electric RC goods and get into the hobby as for he has always wanted to. If you feel like donating something id love to send it to iraq

i will post pictures as we go on, but just wanted to say hi! and bore you with my words.. hahahah