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Posted by Nathan Schmoekel | Jun 03, 2010 @ 08:51 AM | 17,808 Views
I guess maybe I need to work on my "smooth" a little bit. Just when my launches are getting higher and I feel like I'm giving more speed and power to the plane on launch......more stuff keeps breaking.

The trouble spot this time is the aft fuse section where the wing bolts mount. The bolt holes basically just tore out and the fuse sides gave way enough to let that little section of wood come out.

I could have replicated the original parts for the repair, but i decided that would do the same thing all over again. So I decided to fill the area with Expanding foam glue (gorilla glue) in order to spread the stress over a larger area. I then drilled all the way through the fuse and bolted the wing all the way through the fuse, again for more spreading of stress.

Weight added was about 12 grams including the metal bolts i'm using....since it's so close to the CG the weight is not really much of a handycap. I usually fly with an ounce of balast anyway.......
Posted by Nathan Schmoekel | Dec 23, 2009 @ 03:51 PM | 18,466 Views
The guy in the orange (ryan) crashed my Mountain Models EVA-BIPE, but it was a hell of a show!! SMASH-CRACK-BAM-POOF-

Remember... Don't hand over the box unless your O.K. taking it home in one.