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Posted by OutcastZeroOne | Jul 08, 2013 @ 12:24 AM | 7,491 Views
Been working on my new F-243 Hunter. this should be an interesting one. Not a true forward swept wing, only about half is forward, more like a "V" wing. Got the idea from the VF-19F, yes, Im going back to my Macross fanboi roots again. My only concern is if I can get the CG where it really needs to be. Given how tight things are in the fuslage of my other F/A-241 and F-242, I dont have a lot of wiggle room for moving things around. Glue is drying on the fuslage and with luck I can start glide test of it soon. That will atleast give me a good idea of what I need to do.
Posted by OutcastZeroOne | Jul 01, 2013 @ 05:04 AM | 7,406 Views
With my F/A-241 Shrike and F-242 Spiker I seem to able to get designs done quicker. So far I have plans going together a plane based off of the YF-X-241 Shrike and for my new F-243 project. I've also been working on plans for the FFR-31 Sylphid from Yukikaze (The main force fighter, not the Super you see Piloted by Rei).

So some big plans on the way. i also hope to revamp my old website will all my plans and build instructions for everything. http://www.outcasthorizon.com