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Posted by orvie6 | Feb 13, 2011 @ 04:32 PM | 6,644 Views
Here are a few pictures of my current crop of airplanes.. All are scratch built from plans downloaded from the internet.. The larger planes were made by enlareing the original plans by 133% and changing construction as needed..
The F-4 Thunderbird is a pusher with a 2212-06 motor with a 6x4 prop.. constructed of Deprom and made from MJH plans.. The BIG F-4 is also made from Depron and is powered by a FlyFly 90mm fan with a Turnigy 36-56-06 1800 Kv motor on 6 cells... It has yet to be flown..
The L-39s are both EDF. The little one has a 70mm fan with a 3200 Kv motor and runs on 4 cells..The XL version has the same fan/motor combo as the F-4.. This plane used the plans by Low Pass on RCGroups.
The larger L-39 uses a combination of 3/4 inch Pink Foam insulation and Depron and weights 5 lbs 2 oz..ready to fly.. I have flown it a couple of times so far.