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Posted by CryHavoc | Sep 17, 2016 @ 08:59 PM | 7,818 Views

Curiosity got the better of me so I got a hold of one of these engines. They were never made available to us here in the states for probably a variety of reasons. The most likely I was told, because of Taxes and the implications that people would re-distill the fuel back into drinking alcohol. The fuel manufacturer is actually in Brazil. I tried contacting them but haven't, and probably wont hear back. I've also heard that it may not even be produced anymore. Whatever the case, its moot, we most likely can't and won't get the fuel here.

Anybody who knows me, would never call me a tree hugger or a greenie. In fact I took a test once to assess my carbon foot print. It told me that if everybody on the earth today lived like I did, we would need 5 earths to support us.... However, I do my part when I can. I recycle cans and cardboard, and buy biodegradable if its not to far fetched to do so. So I like the "Idea" of playing nice with the environment when doing the hobby I love. When I first started flying helicopters I always felt a twinge of regret when I'd go to the park the next day and see all the dead spots in the grass from the previous days flying. It wouldn't stop me... but I didn't like it.

In anycase, I will not get into, or allow any discussions of a political nature concerning the use of BioFuels.

So I remembered when these engines first came out but never saw any on the market so they slipped my mind. While researching some other stuff in...Continue Reading