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Posted by EndoDuskin | Mar 01, 2020 @ 08:34 PM | 4,416 Views
I always loved flight or "air-ee-oo-planes" as I called 'em at age 5 or so. Because we moved a lot overseas and later because of a lack of extra money, our family didn't do a lot of hobbies when I was a kid. But I loved flying balsa planes and built a few, including a Guillow's Corsair and a large rubber band balsa tissue paper flyer, but I never was able to do RC planes, and I figured helicopters were out of the question. But I always wanted to try them. Last year I bought two RC helicopter kits. The same day. I built them over the next month and figured out how to program the imitation VBAR and spent about a month unsuccessfully trying to get off the ground without a mishap. I wish I'd recorded those first few flights because they were scary, funny, and sad, depending on how you looked at them.

In the 11 months since then it's been a constant acquisition phase of knowledge, materials, and skills to get good at this hobby. It's really fun! I'm going to post some videos detailing my experience and development since then.