Posted by brett.c | Jan 04, 2020 @ 07:26 PM | 6,294 Views
This is my take on the classic 60s pattern plane the El Gringo, also known by it's smaller version the El Gringito.
The plan form of this design really suited what I had in mind as good sports model. Something akin to Mustang etc.
I downloaded plans from Outerzone and found slightly clearer ones on post 222 of this blog
Mine is scaled down to 1250mm (49") and is built entirely from foam with brown paper covering.
For more details see my build log

Wingspan. 1250mm
Weight. 1380grams
Wing Loading. 53g/dm3 (17oz)
Motor. Propdrive V2 3536 910kv
ESC. 50A
Battery. 2200/4s
Servos. Corona 929MG
Prop. 11x5.5 APC
Posted by old4570 | Jan 04, 2020 @ 06:52 PM | 6,509 Views
3020 Ebay prop to 30K RPM (3 min 24 sec)

Trying for 15 - 20 - 25 and 30K RPM
Posted by Dave Swanson | Jan 04, 2020 @ 03:51 PM | 6,475 Views
This post will be to pay tribute to my RC mentor and all around good guy Nathan Bast RIP.

Nathan was a great human and a very talented model designer/builder. He worked for Testors Corp in Rockford Illinois for a number of years. One of his projects while at Testors was the successful Freshman series of control line planes

I got to know Nathan about 1980 when as a RC newbie I started flying at the field that Nathan would frequent. Nathan immediately stuck out as a gregarious friendly person with a wonderful positive attitude. He also had his own unique brand of a sense of humor. As I got to know Nathan better I started to learn about the many RC planes he had designed for his enjoyment only.

I will profile some of his personal RC designs in this blog.

This is Nathan in what I learned was his standard pose. I am not sure why, but most every time a camera came out he would jut his arm into the air which seemed to signify - having a great time!

...Continue Reading
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Jan 04, 2020 @ 04:21 AM | 7,463 Views
$1 car USB chargers were a good substitute for expensive voltage converters for many years. Just replace the feedback resistors with a pot & they could make any voltage at 1A.
Of course, if you didn't already have a bag of pots & caps, they would be a lot more than $1.

They were useless in their intended role as car chargers because the caps exploded in the heat.

The party ended when the Chinese finally moved to fixed voltage regulators. Any application would need to run on 5V now.
Posted by old4570 | Jan 03, 2020 @ 09:00 PM | 7,600 Views
By having a Test Prop , you can compare motors ..

This is by no means a fair comparison , but it is a comparison ..
Same prop , same RPM , same thrust !
Different motors and different power ( in ) , and different power consumption .
As well , motor efficiency ..

The larger 1306 is using 10.4 watt less power to generate the same thrust as the smaller 1108 .

But lets not forget the variables , like motor weight , battery weight ( over all weight )
So another calculation would be power to weight ratio .. ( That's an important one ) .
Ever wonder how a 100HP car can keep up with a 500HP car = Power to weight ratio !
And a lighter car should be capable of going a little faster thru corners , as long as it has enough tire .. ( Those nasty variables )
So a lighter quad should turn faster and tighter than a heavier quad .
Also accelerate faster ( as long as you have the power to do so ) ..
You may not think that 5 grams amounts to much until you turn it into kinetic energy .. And once mass has acquired velocity ... ( Well )
It's all so terribly interesting .
Posted by Herb | Jan 03, 2020 @ 07:35 PM | 13,013 Views
Freewing just came out with a new 80mm edf, and it's one of my favorites,

Spare parts :

I did get the arf+ as preorder, and will install my own fan & esc in it ...

It is offered in two very cool schemes, a nice silver USAF one and a camo Luftwaffe one ... The choice presumably reflects the geographic distribution of two major MRC warehouses, one in the US and one in the EU ...

The model's wingspan of 135cm (and the length of 120cm) gives it an approximate scale of 1185/135 = 8.8th scale (or 1151/120 = 9.6th scale) or roughly 9-th scale approximately,

Empty weight is listed as 2300g, which compares well with the FW A-4 (2280g) and FW L-39 (2250g).

Short video of mine :

T-33 Shooting Star Unleashed - 4K UHD (9 min 27 sec)

Maiden Video :

Lockheed T- 33 by Freewing 80mm EDF - Maiden and Five Easy Landings (3 min 47 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by fastmax | Jan 03, 2020 @ 05:39 PM | 8,524 Views
The idea for this build was to create something that resembled the ever popular Stormtroopers, and be a build that would be great for flying through my tight basement Whoop course. Since I already have a couple brushless, and 716 powered Whoops, I figured for this one I'd go a slightly different route and do a 615 build.

This is the end result, and I like to call it the Stormwhooper With the 17500kv motors, and the NBD Venom bi-blade props it's just about the perfect speed for the size of my course.

My camera arrived DOA so I'm waiting on the replacement to get here from Amazon. I'll update with a couple pics once it is here and installed.

The Stormtrooper (if you can call it that) helmet canopy is just some bits of 3M vinyl I cut and stuck on there

The Kwad is built on the RakonHeli 64mm Frame. Control is handled by a BetaFPV Silverware FC. Power comes from CrazePony 615 17,500kv motors, and NewBeeDrone Venom bi-blade props. The canopy is just a basic BetaFPV canopy, and it will be housing a TurboWing Cyclops 25mw AIO Cam/VTX. I mount the camera and VTX in my Whoop builds using these 3D printed mounts.

Here are some pics. I will get some flight video and DVR footage as soon as I can. Happy Flying!!...Continue Reading
Posted by LemonC | Jan 03, 2020 @ 04:44 PM | 6,674 Views
I have not had as much time to get in flights lately. Before the holidays i had one multipack saturday, and a brief pack a few times and wanted to post something. A lot of my footage was not that great so i edited most of the decent content out of what i had available.

Muddy Motors (5 min 14 sec)

Posted by dealdealerunltd1 | Jan 03, 2020 @ 04:42 PM | 6,468 Views
Hello everyone.

This Year I Am Looking To Buy Smaller Collections Of Hot Wheels, H.O. Scale Slot Cars & Hand Built 1/24-1/25 Plastic Model Cars. I Am Also Looking For Hobby Grade RC’s Worth The $ As Well. I’m PayPal or Cash In Person Ready If You Have Anything... You Can PM Me Here Or My Email Below. WHAT YOU GOT? LETS TALK......Continue Reading
Posted by gabe221 | Jan 03, 2020 @ 03:51 PM | 5,985 Views
Looking for ideals on cleaning a few planes..??
What’s the best way to clean Foam planes? I have had the hanging in the garage, and dust has settled on them.

How about the film covered planes? Dust on them as well.
What’s the best way to remove bugs from them, where the prop mince them??

Thanks, Gabe.
Posted by SavageX89 | Jan 03, 2020 @ 02:03 PM | 6,241 Views
I've been flying rc fixed wing on and off for a few years now, using a "hand-me-down" extra TX from my father-in-law. A Spektrum dX6i. It has been good to me, but the limit of 6 channels leaves me wanting more. I want to build and fly more epic planes, do more epic things. But to keep with Spektrum and do that, I'd be shelling out many hundreds just for the TX. Sadly, my money tree is pretty slow on production.
Enter Frsky!
Over the Christmas break I spent a few hours talking with my brother. He works for a company that designs and produces tube launched drones for military uses. Pretty cool stuff! But the key thing here, is that he an just about everyone at his company fly rc planes and such! My brother has the dx6e which serves his purposes well, but leaves more to be desired. Especially for someone that builds as many planes as he does. They get pretty epic!
Now, all of his buddies at work fly with one of the Frsky Taranis radios. My brother has seen the capabilities of these transmitters and many of the cool things you can do in OpenTX.
After talking with my brother, I'm convinced and ready to make the switch! The greater capability, and customizability of the transmitters and how you can program it are amazing! And there is no way you can argue with the price point!

So I've decided on the Taranis X9D Plus 2019. Solid radio, lots of switches, big screen, lots of channels, good price.

Now to the questions.

1) The x9d plus boasts 24 channels......Continue Reading
Posted by Fitz Walker | Jan 03, 2020 @ 01:35 PM | 6,022 Views
I had a chance to put the Turbo Timber through its paces:
Turbo Timber - A Bush Plane for the People | HobbyView (19 min 14 sec)

Posted by DutchRC | Jan 03, 2020 @ 01:11 PM | 5,984 Views
Halloa RC people

best wishes for 2020 ofcourse to start things off! And to get the 2020 blog started a short video about a new flight controller
SpeedyBee is basically Runcam as you know.. And this FC is a bit different then most because it has a build in PDB.. Not usefull for fast & furious FPV quads I tihnk, but it does have it's uses

Link to it: SpeedyBee F7 AIO Flight controller with Bluetooth

and let's see what it's features are

SpeedyBee F4 & F7 + PDB + BlueTooth + Barometer - REVIEW (9 min 1 sec)

size: 36 x 39 x 7 mm
mount: 30.5 x 30.5 mm
IMU: single ICM20689
UARTS: U1, U2, U3 & U4
OSD: yes
blackbox: 32MB build in memory
barometer: yes
USB port: micro
Buzzer port: yes
LED port: yes
RSSI port: yes
Bluetooth: yes
3.3V BEC: nope
5V BEC: yes
9V BEC: yes
10V BEC: nope
Posted by GroundControlRC | Jan 03, 2020 @ 10:58 AM | 5,405 Views

Review Conclusion & Tips - Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RTF P51 P-51 P51D

Here is a link to the Video:

#GroundControlRC #GlueAndFly #ScratchBuildPlanes #Eachine #Mini #Mustang #P51D #P51 #P-51

This Aircraft is courtesy of Banggood!

Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RTF P51 P-51 P51D

I'm having an absolute blast with this Plane!
I think this Mini Mustang is a very good value and I think Eachine is going to sell a ton of them ;-)

You Can Help Support Us By Using Our Affiliate Link To The Product Below. A small commission (At No Cost To You) helps us buy more items to review.

Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RTF

Spare Parts:

Lipo Battery 1S 360mAh for Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RC Airplane

Brushed Motor 10mm Hollow Cup for Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RC Airplane

Prop 130X70mm Propeller Set for Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RC Airplane

Gearbox for Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RC Airplane

Receiver Board Original 4 CH Onboard Servo for Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RC Airplane

Front Landing Gear Set for Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RC Airplane

Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RC Airplane Push Rod Set

2PCS Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RC Airplane Spare Part Rudder Angle

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Ground Control RC™ Glue & Fly™ Series Scratch-Build Planes

Consider Supporting Our Channel by becoming a Patron at:
Patrons of the Channel will have Exclusive access to Aircraft Plans & Content!

See Us On Youtube | Patreon | RCGroups
Posted by bill_delong | Jan 03, 2020 @ 09:36 AM | 6,408 Views
Selecting a charger can be very difficult today with so many features out there, you should first decide what are your most important requirements?
I won't cover everything but I will highlight a few things to consider when making your selection.

  • Internal Resistance (IR) Meter - this is probably the single most important feature to me, this gives you the ability to check the overall health of your packs. For example, a brand new pack might measure both cells below 1 mΩ, and then as the pack ages/degrades you will slowly see the IR increase over time... anything below 3 mΩ is still considered "low IR" but I start to notice pack swelling and degradation of performance (fade, etc) as soon as any individual cell goes past 7 mΩ... it's a very subtle difference and is hard to tell if you use the same pack and that's where having an IR Meter helps you decide when to retire a pack. I might still keep an aged pack for practice up until any cell hits 15mΩ but at that point I typically toss them out or give them away. I have also found that when any cell is farther than 1-2 mΩ apart, then the pack tends to take longer to balance and that's when I may consider selling the pack provided the cells are still below 7mΩ... I make sure to post IR readings of any packs that I sell and I would refuse to buy any used pack without IR readings so you understand the current condition of the pack!
  • LiHV support - The default setting for most chargers are 4.
...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Jan 03, 2020 @ 08:06 AM | 5,354 Views
Posted some prop tests :

I think everyone can understand the thrust information ?
Now I kind of tried to do set RPM points for direct RPM comparison as well as reference ( If you can Tacho your prop / motor ) ..
So should give you a ball park for thrust if you know your RPM .

Now the other thing you can calculate is energy efficiency .. ( How much energy it takes to create said thrust )

1935 3 blade

Divide your Energy by thrust = Energy per unit of thrust

4.5 watt divided by 23 grams of thrust = 0.375watt per Gram ( 0.375/1 ) That 0.375/1 would be your efficiency or energy rating .

Apparently people are doing this equation the other way ...
So 23 grams divided by 4.5 watt = 5.1g / 1 watt ( Either way is not wrong , just a different way of expressing the data )

Now bare in mind that that is at the tested RPM ..
So as RPM increases ...

15,000 rpm = 0.375/1
20,000 rpm = 0.387/1
25,000 rpm = 0.397/1
30,000 rpm = 0.416/1

2435 4 blade prop

15,000 rpm = 0.313/1
20,000 rpm = 0.355/1
25,000 rpm = 0.389/1
30,000 rpm = 0.409/1

3025 2 blade

15,000 rpm = 0.229/1
20,000 rpm = 0.260/1
25,000 rpm = 0.278/1
30,000 rpm = 0.289/1

These figures would be used for working out the efficiency of a prop ( Yes I know = That would be static efficiency as the test is static )
I dont have a wind tunnel to test at various speeds , though NASA and a few other places could probably do such testing .
This would be for testing props directly against each...Continue Reading
Posted by Bill M - RC | Jan 03, 2020 @ 06:55 AM | 5,692 Views
Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

Potensic T18 review.In this Potensic T18 review, I include unboxing, inspection, features, functions, wifi app, camera, flight & duration tests.

You can get this Potensic T18 GPS Quadcopter Drone with 1080P Camera, FPV Remote Control , Dual GPS Return Home, Follow Me, Adjustable Wide-Angle Camera, Altitude Hold, Waypoint navigation & Long Control Range here:

Potensic T18 review - GPS Quadcopter Drone with 1080p HD Camera (30 min 5 sec)

Posted by phyngineer | Jan 03, 2020 @ 03:20 AM | 4,630 Views
Zumiao Street, Chancheng District, Foshan, responded to the illegal construction around the Guangmao Railway by starting drones to monitor the buildings along the railways under the jurisdiction of the streets. It only patrolled 10 kilometers in 3 hours. Efficient and cost-effective.
Through the real-time transmission of the high-definition picture and playback function of the drone, the staff can easily check the situation along the railway, find out and deal with the problem in time.
Using drones, you can also monitor railway infrastructure, security risks, and more. We know that traditional railway line inspections are generally performed by staff using ordinary instruments or naked eyes to inspect facilities and manually record the situation. However, this is prone to problems such as record errors, inadequate inspections, and inability to troubleshoot in special locations. Need to spend a lot of human costs and investment.
UAVs have gained good benefits in applications such as power line patrols, bridge monitoring, and urban safety management due to their maneuverability, high-resolution aerial image acquisition, safety and efficiency, and the difficulty in manual field surveys. Similarly, in the railway field, it is also applicable to road maintenance, route selection, address survey, disaster early warning and emergency response.
The UAV railway inspection solution mainly consists of a flying platform, a gimbal camera, and a ground station:
And has the following...Continue Reading
Posted by Dmpatt | Jan 03, 2020 @ 12:58 AM | 4,161 Views
I just got the promark shadow gps drone and when I turn it on it flashes red as usual... then I turn my controller on to connect the two and all of the led lights automatically turn purple.
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Jan 03, 2020 @ 12:28 AM | 4,833 Views
Don't plug a 4.2V speaker into 12V or it'll let out the magic smoke. Fortunately, it only blew up the amplifier chip, a HT6871. The radio & leds were still intact. It would take 1 month to order a new amplifier chip from China, so went ahead & got a new speaker. With this experience, it was decided to put in different connectors for 12V than 4.2V.

It was such a good speaker during its 3 year lifespan, the lion kingdom put in a different amplifier chip & revived it. There were some amplifier chips from a terrible speaker with the same pinout. The new speaker arrived anyway & was a better deal.

Manely, the newest speaker turns on right when power is applied instead of requiring holding a button after applying power. It's all a matter of luck, but money buys a lot more online with the 1 week delay than locally.

The sub $25 can speakers have been the right size for robots.

The new amplifier chip uses a boost converter to make 7V. It would be simpler just to use a speaker with higher impedance or a battery with higher voltage to get the same power, but apparently it's cheaper to use higher voltage with standard speakers & a battery voltage which doesn't require a boost converter for charging.