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The FAA has released the newest Aerospace Forecast, and there is no surprise that major growth is predicted for the drone industry. The Unmanned Aircraft Systems section of the Forecast reflects both concerns and optimism for the sector. The FAA says that while “robust growth” in the sector and the introduction of UAS into the NAS “has opened up numerous possibilities, it has also created unique operational challenges. Despite these challenges, the UAS sector holds enormous potential, with commercial applications ranging from aerial photography to package delivery.”
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Shes ready. Only thing missing is the brain3d gopro mount which should be here tomorrow.
Martian 2
Bardwell F4 Fc
DYS Samguk 2306 2500kv
Spedix ES 30a BlHeli EScs
FrSky x4r-sb 3/16
Eachine Vtx-03
Caddx Turbo Micro F1 1200tvl
EUDAX 3m foot pad
Dalprops T5045 PC props
K-loverleaves 5dbi RHCP
Powered by CNHL 4s 1300mah 70c/140c packs.
Will mount gopro the heavy way for maiden unril the other comes in.
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Some progress !

The right wing is completely sheeted! Yippee !
I took me a while to get the sheets flush with the EDF outer hull, but eventually all looks well.

To finish the edf inlet lip, I glued a piece of balsa on the edges and started sanding.
The smoothed inlet will increase the EDF performance a bit.
Posted by coldblood808 | Mar 18, 2018 @ 04:06 AM | 8,031 Views
Just got through reading over the entire thread, 49 pages worth. I like this kind of stuff cause it show cases the ingenuity of modellers. Hats off to Pat Trittle for monitoring the thread. I have got to finish the Piper Cub/PA 18 kit I started years ago. I bought the kit from Hobby Lobby International and it was by Pat Trittle!

Here's something I posted on the thread. What can you make with these three items?

Hint: Its one of my tools I used to build glow powered models.
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This is my Unboxing for the Freewing Lippisch P.15 64mm EDF Jet. It is a beautiful RC Plane with an interesting history.

Unboxing Only - Freewing Lippisch P.15 64mm EDF Jet (10 min 25 sec)

Posted by phil alvirez | Mar 18, 2018 @ 12:51 AM | 6,868 Views
i have flown at thermals that start from the ground, and others at the base of a cloud.
from the ground, i have flown hand launched gliders (free flight) and watching for the breeze to flow and stop have been able to detect the cycle and launch at the right time.
from the base of the cloud, with r/c electric gliders.
from the ground, there is no doubt that they start at ground level and keep raising. some say as bubbles, others as cones.
and seem to increase in diameter and strength as they raise.
but those that are found at the base of a cloud seem to behave different.
sometimes the plane stays under the cloud. others, they get into-and disappear. that means they keep climbing.
and in the case of those that remain at the base of the cloud, sometimes getting a little bit lower there are no thermals. they sink.
so seems that they are created by the cloud itself and only at that level.
am posting it with the intention to hear from those with some experience on the subject.
please only comments polite, positive and to the point.
i started a thread here-lets see if some1 brings positive comments:
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X4 Hybrid

Design of a big quadcopter for crop dusting, industrial inspection, aerial photography, etc.

The "head" in the top is the generator bay with a 2T gas engine, battery, ECU, etc


AUW: 25Kg
M2M Distance: 1715mm
Total height: 795mm

The frame are designed to be fabricated with 3mm carbon fiber and nylon 6 structure.

Arms made with a carbon fiber frame covered with polyurethane and revested with kevlar and fiberglass. Connection points to motors and frame made with nylon 6 plastic.

Inside in the frame are the four ESCs, power distribution board and the flight controller.

The energy for motors, LEDs, flight controller system, etc is provided by the generator and connected to the frame by "military style" connectors.

The payload bay uses a modular connection system with a single M10 allen screw and a large number of payloads can be mounted like camera rigs, crop dusting, LED system, LIDAR sensors, RGB/Infrared/Multispectral cameras, etc

The booms can by collapsed for easy transportation and fit in a case.
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I recently purchased a lot of Ehang goggles at a local auction. I knew the quality would no where close to Fatsharks but they would probably good backseat driver spectator goggles. Here are a few specs

- Front Facing Camera
- Internal 1s 1700mah lipo
- 32 channel auto search
- USB micro charge port able to use power banks to charge and fly
- AV output port
- 2.8g antenna for head tracking data for Ghost VR drone
- 5.7g antenna (no diversity)
- 3 headstrap system for better hold and comfortable wear

The camera unfortunately has no IPD, no diversity, a decent screen, no DVR and a subpar antenna. I decided to open up one of the goggles and was surprised to see a diversity module can easily be hooked up without any soldering. The camera switch button also turns off the built in reciever so there is no interference.

To install the diversity module just cut and strip the camera connector and use 1p Dupont connector to hook it up to the diversity module to the according 5v, ground and visual signal. No voltage booster needed since the camera uses 5v.

The hardest part will be fitting the module. I will take a dremel to it and see what I can do.

The dremel was a little too much noise for my 5 month old. I was able to sneak the wires out the small camera hole. So there are major differences between the IOS and Android goggles.

The IOS goggles is the easiest to install since the camera uses 5v. Open the goggles and remove/splice the camera...Continue Reading
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If you are stuck on this hobby building same pre-historic multi-rotor configurations, I am inviting you to spice it up by building newer configuration like this IN-LINE BICOPTER with Chinook type body. If you are talented enough to make a fuselage then this project is perfect for you. Wish I have the talent but, I don't and I will just end this project like this.

Specs are the same as the 1ST build, even the MTM @ 19 inches. The Sunnyskys motors made this platform super smooth and with the FiteTEST yaw system, it's just totally perfect.

Close-up PIX ....maiden video will follow soon.

...Continue Reading
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On to 700.
Old Tundra again (4 min 7 sec)

Posted by maddmatter | Mar 17, 2018 @ 02:38 PM | 1,895 Views
Balance is important in planes. Especially RC planes. I thought these would need lots of effort, but it turns out, mostly just removing the flashing gets them to balance nicely!
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Here is how I make the gun from a set of kit parts. These parts were printed at 1/4 scale. Here are all the parts for the receiver and the barrel.
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He's back! Been busy with work for the past 8 months. Now that my work project is done, I'm back home enjoying the retired life. Knowing this, Poh called me up and coerced me to join him and Gary at Eagleville for some thermal flying.
I caught up with them about noon at E'ville. Gary and Poh were already specking out. Amazing, since the wind was about 10-15 with 20mph gusts. I was going to fly my Radian, but backed off. It was just too gusty for a lightweight bird. Luckily, I had charged my Jerry warmliner and brought it along just in case. Thermals were strong, but very fast moving as you would expect. I actually thermalled the Jerry out ( not an easy task). After about two hours of flying we called it a day. No crashes, no damage for anyone. So it was a good day. Then it was off to the Maple Street grill in E'ville for some comfort food and jaw-jacking.
Mike...Continue Reading
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so decided to turn the 7" monitor into some goggles ...used the monitor ,stripped some vr goggles down , and found a lens that used to be for magnifying a mobile phone screen ,surprised it worked as well
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Name: IMG_8773.JPG
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Size: 585.6 KB
use discount code stpattyday for 10% off your order
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The Camera on the HS-100 is quite stable and has potential for many uses beyond just flying around on the drone itself...

Since I had a spare kicking around I thought it might be useful to re-purpose it as a "Hat-Cam".

HS 100 Camera Hack to Hat Cam (2 min 7 sec)

Although the HS-100 cam is just 720 x 1280 res, it does record at a solid 25 fps (frames per second) which is an improvement over the MJX Bugs 2C cam that I had previously used as a hat-cam, as it uses a variable bit rate, and records between 19 to 20 fps, so appears somewhat jagged by comparison.

Beyond the simple stuff like dis-assembly, there were a few things I wanted to note, as this may not be the final version of this project.

I used the original factory cable from the cam to measure the voltages present on the wire.

White 3.7Vdc
Red 2.9Vdc
Blue 0.01V and going to 0V when Picture or Video is initiated via the TX/Controller
Black 0V Ground.

This camera is a bit different from the UDI R/C, Syma and MJX cameras that I've torn-down in the past, in that it is an integral part of the Drone's communications system, without the camera installed the drone can not be released from the factory "Geo-Fence" of 30meter from take-off and 20 m Height.

After trying numerous wiring combinations I have settled on White being Vcc for the camera, and Black being ground. With those lines tied to a 1s 3.7V battery, the camera powers up fine, and can be controlled via Wifi with...Continue Reading
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It’s been very exciting watching recent developments in the foamie EDF category from Freewing & FMS pushing higher levels of scale fidelity and fligh performance with each new product introduction. But I have not bought one since buying 2 Taft Cobra Jets on sale a couple years ago; simply no room in the house to fit more planes. Finally figured I can hang one up on the wall like picture frame and built one of the Cobras. After much tender loving care correcting loose linkages, unbalanced fan, uneven tail feathers, etc. the jet turned out pretty good. Not a speed demon by any means but fast, heavy and BIG needing lots of space to maneuver like a jet should be. Anyways, I am very excited joining the EDF party so very late and really enjoy the heart pounding feeling each time flying the Cobra jet. Oh and it sounds so good.....

Ultra smooth onboard video at beautiful Black Star Canyon, CA - guaranteed not to cause motion sickness:-)
FPV Taft Cobra (8s 90mm EDF) Jet Aerobatcs at OCMA (HD 1080P) (6 min 35 sec)

Ground view of the aerobatic flight (many thanks to my friend tonpilot1 for taking the video)
Flight 2 of motionsic's jet (5 min 21 sec)
...Continue Reading
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So here is my plan, maybe it will resonate with a few people. I love flying. I love designing stuff that flies. Currently I do it for others as a way to make a living. With the advent of flight simulators and better employment of gyroscopic sensors and the reduction in their size, I decided to buy a foam plane I like and learn to fly. I bought the DXE/phoenix combo a year and a few moths ago. I bought an E-flight timber this past September. I spent/spend a ton of hours on the simulator and I have enough land to fly my Timber on very comfortably.

So I do fly it. I love it. It is a thrilling experience. The intent was and is to learn good enough to get a balsa kit, or some type of "scale" model that I can fly without sweating bullets. I did not want a bunch of planes, just one or two I really enjoy.

I also purchased an Aurora 9 last year thinking the DXE was just one to learn on, and I did not know that the Hitec was already old technology, I thought it was a lesser known excellent option. So now I am trying to decide which way to go with radios. I think I am going to have to buy a spectrum which seem overpriced for the features they present, which I do not care for much. Any way more to come