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Posted by ChillPhatCat | Today @ 01:09 PM | 63 Views
Went down in the basement yesterday after having cut out some ribs the other day... built about 90% of a wing.

Also have performed some calculations. Horizontal tail volume ratio is 0.393 and neutral point is approximately 3.8 inches from the leading edge of the top wing. Going to try and balance at 3.5 inches.
Posted by winchdoc | Today @ 12:39 PM | 75 Views
This last month has been different. After a brief hospital stay and a painful bone marrow biopsy, it has been confirmed that I have
Waldenstrom's macroglobularanemeia. It is a rare form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. What this means for me is 6 months chemo
starting right after the eclipse. Hopefully I won't get so run down that I can't build or go flyin'.

This is not a big scary cancer that kills you right away, but treatable and controllable. My acupuncturist is confident he can help through the next six months of chemo.
Posted by kicka911 | Today @ 11:23 AM | 121 Views
Finally got the armin wing done for the Super Cub. Now to see how it flies as a 4 channel.
Posted by mike_kelly | Today @ 10:00 AM | 163 Views
In this series of articles we have gotten a Pixhawk loaded with firmware and the basic setup done. Now before we go any further we really need to talk about troubleshooting problems that will arise. The primary tools to help troubleshoot the Pixhawk are it's logs. This is because you can turn on logging for almost every aspect of the Pixhawk. Without the logs your aircraft might suddenly fall from the sky and you might not have a clue why. Looking at the logs can give you the clues you need to discover your problem.

Pixhawk has two different logs.

Telemetry Logs and Dataflash logs.

Telemetry Logs:
T-Logs save the communication between the aircraft and the Ground Station when you have telemetry radios installed and in use. It is a recording of all the Mavlink message sent between Misson Planner and your aircraft during flight. The logs are stored in C:/Program Files (x86)/Mission Planner/logs.

Mission Planner creates a different directory under "logs" for each aircraft you fly. The logs are dated so you can tell which one belongs to which flight.

It can get a little confusing because there are many different kinds of logs created. But here we are just talking about the t-logs.

In Mission Planner, on the Flight button and under the Heads Up Display (HUD) are a group of tabs. One of these tabs is labeled Telemetry logs. You can select "Load Log" and play back your flight to see all the same telemetry that was being displayed during the flight...Continue Reading
Posted by Diesel6401 | Today @ 07:36 AM | 244 Views
Ever since my son was born he's been exposed to aviation. One of his first words was "helicopter", seriously! As an aircraft mechanic for the airlines naturally I'm a aviation enthusiast. Plastic models, books, RC planes and helicopters, he's been exposed to it from day 1. Aviation and Pittsburgh sports are a constant theme in my house . A few months ago I was setting up Phoenix on a new laptop I purchased, he seen me flying and wanted to try. I hand him the radio and get him setup. He's not a natural, by any means, but he was really interested. Since that day he would ask me on several occasions if he could fly, absolutely! In July while thinking of a present for him for his upcoming 6th birthday we decided to get him his first plane. The only plane that came to my mind for him was the Apprentice. When the box arrived directly from HH weeks before his birthday I couldn't wait to open it first and take a peek. We're all kids at heart, right? Looked AWESOME, so I closed the box and was excited for his reaction to his plane.
Posted by Robert R | Today @ 01:34 AM | 368 Views
Dare - Tritle Marionette (1 min 52 sec)

This wonderful little Demoiselle appearing plane is about 15 years old. It is on its third motor. With the initial nicad battery and geared brushed GWS motor it would only get above an altitude of 20 feet finding a thermal and climbing. That was easier than it sounds. It thermals very well but not without a touch of power to overcome it's considerable drag.

After I burned out two brushed motors, a brushless motor and lithium polymer battery were installed Now It will climb out at a 40 degree angle if I want and will cruise for about 40 minutes at less than 1/8 throttle. It can be flown with transmitter trim alone and even be set to fly like a free flight model with no control inputs at all.

This is a beautiful, relaxing fun to build little plane. Brodak, Dare and Pat Tritle have offered us a wonderful plane to build.

Posted by Gimbal Guy | Yesterday @ 11:40 PM | 418 Views
This little #micro is sooo hard to get over.. when I show it to friends they can't believe its not a toy grade model and what tis quad is truly capable of.. all while being a much smaller then my 6045 Tris
Posted by TINGW | Yesterday @ 10:51 PM | 447 Views
Clearance sale DYS X-Ray V2 mini fpv racer drone X160 V2 with motor BE1103 4000KV, XM10A ESC, F3 FC and 5.8G transmission

X160 X-Ray
Size: 131mm*38mm
Weight: 110g(not including the battery)
Motor: BE1104 4000kv*4pcs
ESC: XM10A BLHeli firmware ESC with One Shot function
FL: pre-tuned cleanFlight)
Transmitter: 5.8G 200mW/32CH
160° diagonal FOV, 148° horizontal FOV
FPV tuned light handling
Come with video transmitter
Power supply: 3.6-5.5V (powered off TX)
Power consumption: 60mA @5V
Imager: 1/3” CMOS, more than 700TVL
FPV tuned light handling
NTSC or PAL (switch selectable).
Lens: 2.6mm IR coated
FOV: 160°diagonal 148°horizontal (ideal for fixed camera)
Operation Temperature: -20 to 70°C

You can click this link to know more detial:
Posted by The Konqueror | Yesterday @ 09:24 PM | 440 Views
Mad Gear Desert Wolf waterproof Test

Mad Gear Desert Wolf in the woods
The Best RC Car For Under $100 (Mad Gear Desert Wolf) (3 min 19 sec)

Posted by Jack Crossfire | Yesterday @ 08:32 PM | 531 Views
This arrangement can slide into the defroster button when the screws get loose, but should be good enough for 2 drives. The long term requires removing more material & shifting the phone right.
Posted by Phatpolarbear | Yesterday @ 05:47 PM | 600 Views
Has anyone experienced controller connection issues in Open pilot?

I have recently re-calibrated my storm SRD260 Using openpilot, all flight controller updates and motor setting completed ok. But after trying to use transmitter wizard my controller no longer arms my drone.

Can anyone please help?

My controller still turns my LEDs on on the drone but that's as far as I can get.
Posted by JosefssonRCG | Yesterday @ 03:35 PM | 663 Views
Don't miss the fun! Come and join me for some fun flights right here at our hometown park!

FPV Fun in Morning (5 min 23 sec)

FPV Chase at Tri City Flyers Event! (8 min 14 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by JosefssonRCG | Yesterday @ 02:55 PM | 673 Views
So yeah, always gotta have some new stuff cookin' right up.

visit my YT channel now to check out some new vids @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvV...lBxy6JFSl_nJfQ
Please help me out by viewing my vids and subscribing! I need to grow my channel, thank you for your help!
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Posted by BernardW | Yesterday @ 08:55 AM | 862 Views
More thoughts and reports on the RCM Trainer 60, now I've had my solo wings a few weeks and have been flying it every chance I get. There are a few special points that set it apart from other trainers. I mentioned the two main ones, higher sink rate and higher speed, I'd like to add some detail to that. The reason for these, I think, is that it's not a high-lift wing. With an asymmetrical airfoil section and not a large wing area, it's not like other trainers I've flown. It has a higher wing loading, the basic design comes out close to 20 oz/ft^2, most of the trainers I had lessons on were on the order of 12 to 16. It makes a big difference, especially together with that lower-lift wing section. But I happen to like it.

It makes some important differences. When you're on a lighter basic trainer, turns are easy. You just roll it a little, probably under 30 degrees bank, and apply a little back-pressure to the elevator stick, and it'll come around nice and smoothly. You practice this until it doesn't balloon those turns, and soon you start adding rudder, known as a coordinated turn. That's how you turn just about any model, but this one doesn't make it quite so easy. For starters, you have to fly it right through the turn, by which I mean you don't just wait for it to turn automatically for you, you have to strictly control its attitude at all times. You'll find the hardest are exactly those slow, smooth, gentle turns. It's far easier to just throw it hard over and haul back...Continue Reading
Posted by Woodinthesky | Yesterday @ 08:39 AM | 885 Views
Heres the link to bid on my Dr. Dre beats fpv earphone
Let me know if you have any questions

Posted by Woodinthesky | Yesterday @ 08:04 AM | 902 Views
You can see below on my previous post with parts list what i have in my frame. I wanted to make a post with how much every thing weighs.
Posted by GiantPowerLiPos | Yesterday @ 06:50 AM | 947 Views
Team Giant Power drivers were at the IMPBA Can-Am race last weekend. Lots of laughs with a colorful bunch of characters! The Northern Lights Model Boat Club host a great event. A huge variety of Electric, Gas, and nitro boats ran at this 2 day event. Team USA won the battle over Canada. A bunch of Team Giant Power drivers took home lots of trophies! Tom Baffer Jr. won high points Oneida Cup and every electric class entered! Tom had perfect scores (1600 points from 4 1st place heats) in 3 of his fast electric classes!

Giant Power has great Graphene 2.0 battery packs for your fast electric RC race boat! Check them out at www.mojoracingproducts.com...Continue Reading