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Posted by steve wenban | Dec 08, 2008 @ 03:29 PM | 5,808 Views
Well I finally put the Osprey in the magic circle club it felt very powerful but wing flex really had me concerned . So its probably not advisable to keep going as I'm prettty sure it would explode around the 110mph mark. best to keep it front side. The poor old Carbon Bird copped yet another run in with the foilage this last weekend but carbon wrapped and bagged the fuse and its now painted again ready to go by next weekend
Also Ive got a new Plank on the boards at the moment which will be a fully moulded the pod mould and the lower wing surface mould is done will be doing the top skin this weekend . Hopefully these ships will live up to my expectations . and maybe even see a few on special order brought to you from the Downhill Hanger