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It's been a while since I posted in here but it seemed like a good place to talk about these two gliders that have hoved in to view recently. I still fly F5J but permanent weekend shift work makes competitions tricky to enter.

Multiplex LS3

I spied a photo of a distinctive Multiplex box in the small ads and after some correspondence with the lady owner (clearing her dad's estate) it was on the way to me. From the advert photos it appeared that the fuselage was missing, I was told that it was not in the house. Undaunted, I planned to place wanted ads and last week I picked up a fuselage, happy days!

The kit wings have the airbrakes already installed by the factory for some reason. The balsa tailplane and rudder have been built but not particularly well, they may be usable.

The fuselage is a bit of a mystery the owner couldn't recall where it came from or who made it but it looks like it was made using the original moulds but to a lower standard. The glass is quite rough in places (chopped strand) and the gel coat is quite thick and 'wavy'. Lots of filling and sanding ahead but I am grateful that I have a whole kit.

Wik ASW 20

I was invited recently to view the private kit collection of a well known UK model shop owner, something like 1,000 kits, amazing. Although we are slightly different generations I recognised most of the kits and we chatted for ages about 'the good old days'.

Over a coffee he said 'I've got a couple of big gliders out the back'...Continue Reading
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Test Flight - Glue & Fly Series F22 Micro V2 on a Tiny 2S LIPO ;-)

#GroundControlRC #GlueAndFly #ScratchBuildPlanes #F22Micro

Here is a link to the Video:

I had very little wind this morning, hardly ever happens, so I decided to perform some Test Flights with a Tiny FullyMax 2S 400mah 25C LIPO.

The skill level needed for this Parkjet is Intermediate to Advanced.
Intermediate setup is a 2S Power System with 10 points more Dual-Rate than on a 3S Setup.
Advanced setup is a 3S Power System.
It's very docile on a 2S Power System, Fast & Acrobatic with a 3S Power System.

Plans are available for Patrons!

The Version 1 Plans are available to Youtube Subscribers!
If you would like a copy of the Plans & Associated Documents send an email to [email protected]
In the Email Subject enter: GFS F22 Micro V1 Plans
We will get them to you as soon as we can.
You're going to love it ;-)

You Can Help Support Us By Using Our Affiliate Link To The Product Below. A small commission (At No Cost To You) helps us buy more items to review.

Here are links to the components: (Note: I use a JST to XT30 adapter for many of the 2S LIPOs)

Racerstar Racing Edition BR1407 3500KV 2-3S Brushless Motor

Emax ES9251 V2 Upgrade Version 2.5g Plastic Micro Digital Servo Reading
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I've managed to meet several of my Heroes in full-scale and model aviation, but many had their time and passed on before I ever knew about them. Luckily, my stacks of old model airplane magazines provide a bridge to long-gone years. and introduce me to people I couldn't have appreciated had I met them as a kid.

Stephens Calhoun Smith 3rd was a Creative Force in the 1950's and early 60's. Like several of my current cronies, he seemed to have the energy of an otter chasing fun. Besides designing and building untold numbers of model airplanes, his wildly diverse artwork appeared on the front pages of many magazines, like the December 1952 Air Trails shown below. His talents in photography ranged from individual projects to event articles that helped fill the magazines that carried his paintings on their covers.

Like most of his kind, he pursued BUNCHES of other sports, like Ice Boat Racing, and who knows what else.

My only direct contact with Cal Smith is the reduced-size copy I built of his "Blunderbus" Free Flight design. Powered by a Cox Tee Dee .010, my tiny replica has only a single servo to guide it around the sky, and was an "Everyday Flyer" back in the day.

It also received high marks from my little sheltie, Chelsea, who was allowed to chase it on it's many flights since the .010 didn't pose a serious threat to her long snoot.

Cox Tee Dee .010 on a Cal Smith "Blunderbus" Free Flight Replica (3 min 9 sec)

So, it's...Continue Reading
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The Global Jet Club Aerofoam Diamond is a little different looking type of jet. I took it out of the box for preliminary pictures, and will begin the mounting of equipment. I say mounting instead of building because it comes Turbine and Receiver ready. All servos, retracts, struts, wheels, brakes, lights, turbine pipe, main tank and UAT are already installed for you. Basically glue in the nose cone, screw in the Horizontal stabilizer and the building is done. The mounting of your 60n to 80n engine, Receiver and batteries and you are ready to go fly.

Global Jet Club flight...Continue Reading
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Zappy 120 build instructions

The aim is to create a high quality micro quad copter that can cater for LOS (Line of Sight) and FPV (First Person View) for both Freestyle and Racing, using best components for performance, reliability and durability with a total weight below 100 grams.
The target weight being the significant factor due to Australian CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) regulations. That being any drone at or under 100 grams is classified as a toy and is not bound by restricted flight rules and spaces, see article: “Flying drones or model aircraft recreationally” -
This means that this aircraft can be flown literally anywhere within Australia, in this case local parks. Note: always use common sense and demonstrate good ethical and social behavior when flying drones.

First Frame preparation you will need a few files (preferably diamond tipped hobby/craft files), face mask and rubber gloves.
Reshape the frame to reduce unnecessary carbon and most importantly reduce weight.

Original frame on the left and frame on the right has been filed down to remove the lugs on the outer edges and the 16mm screw pattern holes on the inside of the frame.

Filed frame overlaid above original frame to show removed carbon.
Side plate original on the left and filled side plate on the right hand side.

Note for the side that FC (Flight Controller) to ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) 6 pin plug, you...Continue Reading
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Motor Cycle Pete sent this over to me as it had a pretty sad crank to crankcase fit , and asked me to grind and chrome and grind again back to size . I set it up in the grinder between dead centres and it took 5 thou off the diameter to clean up all the damage and out off round . There was no bush in the crankcase and the damage was pretty bad so I decided not to chrome the crank but make a bush for the crankcase and fit it to the slightly smaller crankshaft . I made a bush out of cast iron with a 2 thou interference fit in the crankcase hole that I bored on a jig I machined in the lathe . Pushed it in with the tail stock quill and some loctite , so I don't think it will move .
While it was still on the mandrel I bored the crankshaft hole in the bush and reamed it to size with a machine reamer and checked the size of the points boss and it was oversize so machined it back to the right size .
I then took it off the mandrel and held it by the boss in my smaller lathe and machined off the rear of the bush and cut a chamfer on it and tried the shaft , was a great fit .
I took it back over to Pete and he can put it back together for Condo , should be a very good engine ....Continue Reading
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The 17th China International Social Public Safety Expo (CPSE) held from October 28th-31 th,2019 in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. The security expo shows the advanced technology in artificial intelligence, driverless, big data, and smart city, attracting more than 1,500 exhibitors from more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

MMC Uav security attracts attention
As a leading industrial UAV manufacturer, MMC has made a new breakthrough in the field of UAV intelligent security. This expo, MMC with the theme of "SCI-TECH AERIAL SECURITY SOLUTION". The latest automatic UAV security system, diversified flight platform and the first comprehensive supply chain of industrial UAV, fully demonstrated the strength of MMC, for the audience brought a truly rich and intelligent experience, which attracted many exhibitors and visitors from the exhibition.

THE new drone management system for automatic intelligent security
In recent years, industrial light-small drones have gradually been applied to the security field, becoming a flexible and "air security weapon." In this expo, MMC's latest automatic drone inspection system security solution based on reliable communication, AI big data and high-precision situational awareness technology, using Mspace system for 3D real-world modeling and UAV autonomous routes Planning, able to provide the management department with accurate information such as drone data and flight trajectory in a remote and...Continue Reading
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GEPRC CinePro 4K HD 3-4S FPV Racing Drone Advanced Version (aff)
(Use Coupon Code: AFfbG10 ~$27 off.)

GepRC CinePro 4K HD Drone (Full Review & Flight Video) (18 min 2 sec)

Video Quality

The camera is the most important thing in a cinematic drone; you want to take good video... and the CinePro can do that. It has a Caddx FPV Tariser 4K camera. The dynamic range and color on this is excellent; and there's good reason why. It consists of two sensors and lenses; one is for your FPV, or First Person View. The other is for the high definition video. This compartmentalization of sensors keeps your First Person View experience lag free, while not compromising on HD video. It has multiple resolution options, with the ability to shoot up to 4K @ 30 frames per second.

My personal recommendation when using this camera is to shoot at 1440 @ 60 frames, or 2.7k @ 60 frames and actually skip 4k. The video in the introduction was taken in 1440 @ 60 frames per second in a 4:3 aspect ratio. You get the most of the entire 4:3 sensor this way, which is why I did that.

But of course I didn't upload it as raw 1440, in post production I dynamically stretched it using video editing software. This produces a superview-esque effect which looks a lot more natural. You can then upscale to 4K @ 60 frames per second in 16:9, and upload it to YouTube to squeeze the best quality you can get from the site. It looks GREAT if you can tolerate the extra time to do the post production work and...Continue Reading
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Lately Hotsale Items:LED Round Roof Light 5 Spotlight for RC Cars
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The Tiger is covered in Metal Flake Red Black Baron film from my stash. I put an OS Gas Glow .60 in it for power, and JR DS390 servos commanded by a Futaba 7008SB. Flies better than I remember. This was the first plane I ever did a low inverted pass down the field with, (technically it was a Jr. Tiger in 1989) and it brought back a lot of great memories. On a 6 oz. tank, I’ve putted around for 42 min for a personal best for glow powered flight. The GG10 sips fuel, but only makes the power of a modern methanol/nitro .46. It’s plenty of power for what the Tiger was designed for, however.

The Hot Kanary is covered in Park Lite and has a E-Flite Power 32 in the nose. It really looks clean as an electric. I modified it for 4 ailerons and the entire top of the nose comes off for batt access. The only plastic it has is for the wheel pants. Everything else is carved balsa that was covered or painted. i started this kit in 2008 and lost/gained interest until it was finally finished in Dec. 2018!

It has Hitec minis all the way around. (Can’t recall precisely which model this second- I guess I’m getting old...). It tumbles and does some wild gyrations with the sticks in the corner!
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Trying to do external charging without having charge wires go through back to front of case. Decided to add charge port to the battery case.
1. epoxy socket to case as shown. Sits on SD card side with slotted side up to not interfere.
2. carefully strip wires to solder charge wires without shorting to each other.
3.solder charge wires inside neg first, center to center next and positive last.
4. Protect solder areas with silicone.
Notch case cover to match location.
Now I can use a cheap parallel charger with a double ended extension to charge the battery externally.without unplugging the battery.
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Here are some pics of my drone fleet.
I am just getting started and on;y have 5 but I plan to expand with a couple more in the next year. I started out with RC Planes back in the mid 80's and then decided I wanted to give helicopters a try and flew those through most of the 2000"s and got the itch to give ground RC a try. I wasn't as into the ground stuff and sold and traded all of it away
Now in the last year I decided to go with drones and have to say that I love the drones ( camera drones to be specific ) more than any of the other RC hobbies I have done with maybe the exception of helicopters...........maybe.
I love the versatility of the drones. I can fly for fun and sport or take some quality video and pics if I want. I also use them to keep an eye on my land, by checking out my fences and flying over my land to see if any trees are down. I also fly over my home to check out my gutters and roof to see if there are any issues.
Things I use to have to do by either walking, climbing a ladder and riding my ATV, which I am unable to do now because of 2 back surgeries and 3 knee surgeries and I am now looking at a complete shoulder joint replacement surgery soon.
The drones allow me to do a lot of the things that I would not be able to do now and have a blast doing it !
Right now I have a total of 5 drones. First I have the Little ProPel X03 which is a great little inexpensive drone to practice your flying inside without fear of breaking most anything...Continue Reading
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I have entered this hobby from a latent lifelong interest. typical barriers to entry are to blame. Flite Test's Youtube and accessibility changed that.

I will be using this BLOG here to track my attempts to build Balsa models using primarily DTFB.

My first stab at this was with a Minimoa-30 that I build. As the model is so small, using the 3/16" thick material ended up being weigth hinderance, and the small chuck glider, ended up being to heavy for any decent flight. (somewhere around 100g without electronics.)

So I thought - why don't I cut it out of thin FB and see where it goes. below is where it has gone so far! Reading
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ahoy all;
i will be selling some things here. you can check my rating on e-bay, i am wingnut163.

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(I've reposted this info to different threads several times... time to make it a blog entry!)

A buddy of mine bought a Dragon Link V3 transmitter to use with his DX18. We set it up in the standard way, cabled to the trainer port.
This worked just fine for his first two planes. Upon trying to set up his third plane with an Eagle Tree Vector, multiple cameras and a pan & tilt main camera we ran into the Spektrum 8-channel trainer port PPM limitation.

I remembered reading that FrSky users were able to make use of an SBUS-based repeater setup to gain all 12 channels, so I decided to duplicate this for his Spektrum radio.

I found that the line of RxxxX V2 Spektrum-compatible receivers from OrangeRX were capable of 12-channel SBUS output. I selected an R920X for this project, mainly because that was the only one HobbyKing had in stock at that time The number of conventional PWM ports on these receivers was unimportant as all of them were capable of outputting 12 channels via SBUS.

The cable needed to connect the receiver to the Dragon Link TX is just a standard 3-pin male-to-male servo wire.

Everything is powered by a single 2-cell lipo. The battery is plugged directly into the receiver which in turn powers the DL transmitter. Both components are capable of up to 8.4V of input power so no BEC is necessary.

The only tricky part of this relates to setting up the failsafes. Failsafes plural, because you have to set your failsafe up twice - one for the Spektrum...Continue Reading
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...Yea,.., What He said !! GL
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Current I have the DJI FPV System from Banggood and it is amazing for freestyle FPV Racing drone the 3 inch
I'm using only the DJI goggles with the Air unit. My transmitter is the Taranis X9D Plus SE with CrossFire module.
DJI Digital FPV System
628€ - $696.15 - Coupon: BGOTC21 or App Coupon: c5d300 (only 1x for mobile App customer) or aff7off

- big screen
- easy to use
- good design
- compatible with betaflight
- good range
- best camera colors
- HD recording on the Air Unit (TX)

- only LCD display's
- closed system all components are only from DJI (camera)
- Air Unit is big
- latency to high

The iFlight DC3 HD 3 inch freestyle drone is with a 3S lipo under 250g that very cool to fly without registration.
287€ - $315 - Coupon: aFfBg10


DJI is using all LHCP antennas. I have replaced all the antennas with my AXII 2 RHCP antennas (included Air unit with MMCX)

Lumenier AXII 2 Right-Angle Stubby 5.8GHz 2.2dBi Gain FPV Antenna
16€ - Coupon: BGBCFPV -
The new AXII 2 Stubby right angle antenna for FPV goggles
...Continue Reading
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Fatshark Byte Frost is the new digital system to transfer the video digital from the drone to the FPV goggles. Similar to DJI Digital FPV System.

Here is a base station consists of a 5 inch monitor and four antennas used. Via the white HDMI mini cable the video to the FPV goggles is digitally looped through. So you get a razor-sharp picture with low latency in the display's FPV glasses. As glasses you should best use the new Fatshark Dominator HDO 2 which has the native resolution of 1280x960 pixels. The new HDO 2 finally has a field of view of 46 degrees, which is even more than the ORCA FPV goggles, which is not yet on the market (November 2019). The OLED display's are significantly richer in contrast than the old HDO display's. Diopter lens attachments are no longer needed, because each optics of the HDO 2 is individually adjustable to one eye sharply adjustable from 0 to -6 dioptres.

Byte Frost firmware update:
1. On the SD card will copy the 3 files for RX so the 5 inch receiver BYTE_FROST.bin, HDZERO_RX.bin and HDZERO_VA.bin
2. The one file HDZERO_TX.bin for the transmitter unit is also copied to the SD card
3. SD card is inserted in RX the 5 inch receiver.
4. The firmware cable is connected to the transmitter (TX) and to the port at the back of the 5 inch receiver (RX)
5. The transmitter is connected to power (3S battery)
6. Now the 5 inch receiver is connected to the battery
7. The 5 inch display shows READ FILE and write BYTE_FROST.bin, write HDZERO_RX.bin,...Continue Reading
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So some times, the search is over almost before it begins. I barely got into the place before my eyes fell upon this beautiful, barrel throttled Medallion .09RC that looks like it just fell out of it's box.

Listed as an .049, I initially got excited about adding a throttled engine to my Goldberg Ranger, but it'll do just as nicely on my Jetco Navigator (if I ever get around to restoring it).

Then, on the same table, I spotted this!

...Continue Reading