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Posted by motorhead | Apr 16, 2011 @ 11:20 PM | 35,844 Views
Well I made a big leap in the modeling industry. I am now the new owner of
My wife and I are very excited to take over where the Hammels left off. This will really be an exciting year!
Mike Bailey
Posted by motorhead | Mar 11, 2010 @ 01:45 AM | 38,055 Views
I have been working hard for the last month on building a CNC laser cutter. I finally tonight was able to cut some parts out! I still have a few things to finish on the machine but it works. I am excited as this will allow me much more flexibility when making kits. All of them will soon have construction tabs making them easier to build. I will now be able to develop new planes with out having to make new templates while tweeking the design.
Posted by motorhead | Jan 28, 2010 @ 12:22 AM | 38,454 Views
I have finally got a source for fluffy foam. It ended up at 1.1lb density rather than 1.0 but still offers a weight savings over the standard 1.3 lb kits. Now I need to build my self one.
Posted by motorhead | Jan 24, 2010 @ 06:49 AM | 38,199 Views
Well 2009 was quite a year. With the economic down turn I knew hard times would be comming. I was working for Cessna Aircraft and loving it but got laid off the end of April. Luckly I had prepared and got some bills paid off so I had more options. Well after 4 to 5 months I ended up finding a job at an ethanol plant for a 40% pay cut. I had been selling a few indoor EPP kits to fund my hobby and allow me to build with out ending up with a pile of airplanes.
That is how I came to start . If you look at the Fox pictures here on my blog you will see one of the kits that I used to produce inder the name of Midwestslope. Anyway the indoor planes are doing quite well. I am very thankfull for all the help that Leadfeather has provided with his exceptional designs. I really enjoy flying them and kitting them for others.
What am I expecting for 2010? Well I am still hoping that Cessna will take me back as I really liked my job there. We will see. I am in the preliminary stages of gathering parts to build a CNC laser cutter. This would greatly allow me to expand my business and improve what I currently have. First step is the laser and I hope to have one with in the month. I will be posting as that project develops.
Looking forward to having fun in 2010.