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Posted by Paul Onorato | Jun 07, 2013 @ 04:42 PM | 21,039 Views
Radio control has always been a big part of my life. My earliest memories go all the way back to when I was around 3-years old where I would pilot my Dadís RC boats lakeside with a big Kraft stick-style radio resting in my lap with my two older brothers at my side. Additionally, my Dad had a slew of RC airplanes along with a couple Heathkit Spectre nitro-powered on-road cars. I can vividly recall the unique way we would fire-up the engines. We would flip a bicycle upside down, crank the pedals by hand to get the rear bike tire spinning quickly and then bump the rear tire from the Heathkit which in turn would start the engine.

When I was about 11-years old, I got my first hobby-grade RC vehicle, a Tamiya Super Champ 2WD electric buggy. It came as a kit and I built it with help from my father. This buggy was a complete blast to drive and work on. (I am happy to say that I still own that Super Champ.) If I was not driving my Super Champ, I would be out flying gliders and seaplanes with my Dad or building something RC in the basement. As time passed, I built up my RC car collection and discovered Radio Control Car Action magazine. I loved the Readersí Rides section where people would submit photos of their vehicles to show them off to the world. My goal was to get one of my cars featured in Readersí Rides and my home-built police car made it in the July 1993 issue of RC Car Action magazine. I quickly became friendly with the editors of the magazine and they offered me to be...Continue Reading