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Posted by Ghost 2501 | Jun 22, 2010 @ 05:08 PM | 19,255 Views
since 2004 or there abouts, i have been pretty active in the marine RC, mainly with working ships, however in june I have decied to try my hands at RC flight, ok first flight wasnt so much of a flight but a big loop into the dirt, thats 60 of floater dinged bit not destroyed, so anyone who lives in the stoke on trent area or within reasonable travelling time, I would be apricetive if one of you could help me tame the clouds fly.

also, I have been GIVEN a CB radio by a long time friend, his words "this is the perfect item for your car", he goes into the garage and comes back out with a 1981 vintage Cobra 27mhz FM CB radio, and though it has no antenna so I cant see if it is fully functional, it does power up (at least on 9.6v), though with no antenna its just tuned in to static FM and its 39 sister stations, all playing the same brand of static. Antenna's are also quite cheap so it will probably be a trip to the local radio shack type place to see if they have an antenna.