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1/9 on left, 1/10 on the right
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Reference pictures for Superjet, hope these help!

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Here you go Rod

The stabs need to be glued to carbon spars (see picture), finish cockpit and glue to hatch, and finish up the loose ends. Wiring is taped in place for routing, just need to dress it up . Have wing/stab bags, drawings, spares, paint, ect, all new HV servos except gear doors, power safe RX, need to buy RX batteries.
Everything is new but fan
BVM F86 (0 min 47 sec)

BVM F-86 (0 min 41 sec)
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Here you go Ross
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1/10 scale left spoilers (0 min 7 sec)

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CG pictures, I balance it at the fwd side of tape, or 8.75". Also note how much further fwd tire location is on an "A" verses a "C". Its around 1.5-2" further fwd than my "C" model. Doesn't look as nice, or as scale, but allows it to easily rotate if you don't have a great runway

Hope these help

Yellow Aircraft F-16A Jetfan 90 on 12S 12lbs (4 min 23 sec)

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Always seem to have multiple projects going on at once, but tonight was a little different

The red white and blue F-16 is a Yellow A model that's being brought back after a 20 year timeout. It was damaged in a trailer accident when it fell from the top shelf and landed on the left stab TE. Bent the pivot rod as it drove the stab thru the glass. That repair is done, replaced a bunch of fuel soaked wood, new servo mounts, ect. Coming out pretty light, should be a fun plane. Hoping to finish it up in the next couple weeks

The green P-38 is donating its motors for the Silver P-38, so they are both out of commission right now. The Silver P-38 just needs a little more umph. Going to try the Tacon 160s in it and see how they do. They spin the 18 varios at a higher RPM while using less power on the ground, and have been well broken in on the green Lightning. Waiting for a new set of motor for the green one

The Mustang is a Byron that last flew with the reduction drive about five years ago. Was way underpowered, and had a broken spar in the stab. Made new stabs and rudder with a little more scale outline, and fitted a Sachs 4.2. Finally finished the elevators, and glassed everything this week. Prepping to glue the new stab on Would really like to get this one back in the air this season

The green F-16 is a Yellow C model, with a Yellow F-18 twin behind it. They're just taking up space right now.....to many projects, not enough time

Anyways, thought it looked pretty cool with all these on the bench at once
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Some pictures and videos of this past weekends maiden and flights 2-5. A big thanks to guys at the field for getting these pictures and videos

Yellow Aircraft P-38 Fly By flight 3 (0 min 6 sec)

Yellow Aircraft P-38 Madien on board (5 min 42 sec)
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