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Posted by AtomicFlyer | Jul 27, 2014 @ 11:58 AM | 8,850 Views
My radio controlled life can be split in two phases.

Phase I

Starting in 6th grade:
- My buddy Ed sold me his Tamiya Sherman tank. It came with a Futaba single wheel controller with a slider switch throttle.
- Next I had a few electric cars, then a small RC motorcycle, then a Tamiya racing buggy.
- In high school I got into nitro powered boats. I had 1 inboard and a few outboards powered by the K&B 3.5.
- My only attempt at planes was a Sturdy Birdy (fuselage made from a rain gutter downspout). My one and only flight lasted about 3 seconds.

Unfortunately no photos survived of any of these RC vehicles.

After college I played around with the nitro boats for a while. But I eventually sold or gave away everything and took a hiatus from the hobby for about 15 years.

Phase II

Air Hog
Fast forward to December 2007 when I bought an Air Hogs heli on a whim at a toy store. I still have this but it's for display only.

Walkera 4#1
In early 2008 I bought a Walkera 4#1 fixed pitch helicopter. I learned to hover (all upright orientations) and do fast forward flight. I flew (and repaired) this heli a lot. I also kept this model for display but it's not airworthy.

Blade 400
In the fall of 2008 I bought my first collective pitch heli, a Blade 400. This heli came with a Spektrum DX6i which I still use on other models. I flew this heli a lot. I later sold the airframe and a bunch of spare parts:

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