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Posted by epilot | Jan 15, 2017 @ 06:26 AM | 53,176 Views
My name is Michael and I first saw the light of day in 1968. I've been an active modeller for most of my life - started out with simple stick and tissue models in my pre-teens. I have flown R/C since the late 80's. I have exclusively flown electric models for close to 20 years now. I'm especially fond of micro/indoor and for a while I was the owner of Indoor Flyer, a shop that specialised in micro R/C equipment. I design models and equipment from time to time.

I'm originally from Denmark but have lived in Zambia, USA, Germany and United Kingdom. I currently live on the Faroe Islands with my family. My wife was born and raised here.

The Faroe Islands consist of a few bits of rock that stick out of the North Atlantic. During the winter months we have storm upon storm so outdoor flying is nearly impossible. If there is no storm it rains! From April to September the weather is not too bad and we have many days with winds below 10mph. Because we are so far north it's possible to fly until midnight in July. We live in Sandur on the island Sandoy. There are 1300 inhabitants on the island and about 550 in the village. There is a large gym next to the school and it's hardly ever used on Sundays so we rent it for indoor flying. From August to June we fly a couple of hours every second Sunday.

When I arrived here in 2013 no one on the island was flying R/C. I held an info evening about indoor flying at the local library and about 10-12 people turned up. A few...Continue Reading