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Been wanting to add a nice somewhat large glider to my airplane arsenal. Something for those lazy/relaxing days. Found some plans for a Flitetest style glider (called Galaxy) through the Flitetest community pages. Currently have the fuselage and tail section built. Next big step is the wing which I am actually going to make as a 2 piece wing with a split in the middle so I can take it apart for transporting. The original design was a full single piece wing that used 3 sheets of foamboard.

Here is a video on the start of this journey in constructing this big glider.

Large foamboard glider build progress & introduction... Flitetest style glider (Galaxy) (6 min 49 sec)

And here is the original Flitetest article on the glider:
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Hi guys I'm building a model of kookaburra queen 2 long way to go but will get there some day
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Video to follow when weather is better and I get it tuned but already this is working better than betaflight 2s brushless whoop in terms of locked in flying, ( still needs more tuning for outdoors )silverware rocks!

I've already made some brushless silverware quads and some whoops but up till now never a silverware brushless whoop and having recently discovered 2s brushless whoops and the recent betafpv beta65x I decided it's time to build a silverware version a little bigger on the beta75x frame.

Parts used
Betafpv lite FC ( flashed with yets brushless silverware version )
Frame and props betafpv beta75x.
1103 10000kv racerstar motors. ( tracking affiliate link as motors were provided for review , no extra cost to you but they will let me have more stuff for review if people use this link )
ESC bs06d super s ( mention nigelsheffield123 for $5 credit )
Any 5v bec / ubec regulator ( got mine from AliExpress for about $1 )
Camera I will be using akk bs2 depending if I can find a spare one but anything will do as long as it's small and light is best.

To program the FC you will need an st-linker V2 and a free program ( I will provide a bin file once it's all setup nicely or those who don't want to go through setting up in Kiel )

Soldered wires to ESC and hot glue in place to stop them...Continue Reading
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I have always been intrigued by the variety of flying wing and canard experimental aircraft ventures that were prevalent during and after WW2 in Britain. Some details of these are recorded in these two postings:

I am rather fond of "wing things": and thought it would be fun to knock up a flying wing in the form of the experimental ventures.

I chose the Scout Bee as a base, so at least I knew the aerodynamics should work. The winglets were made from 2mm corflute sandwiched between two bits of balsa with the flutes and the grain at 90 degrees to each other. A Windrider pod was used with a P-39 cockpit grafted on. Power is supplied by a 2200 3S battery. Covering is Solartex. The lower surface scheme was used on prototypes and experimental a/c to identify them to other pilots and to (hopefully) stop wartime gunners from taking pot shots at the strange shape in the sky.

The model has just been finished and I did the maiden today. Really pleased with how she flew - here's a vid.

Windrider Scout Bee (2 min 19 sec)

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Again an excellent skills of my son - this time in the middle of R/C combat fight:

Racing Drone vs Aircombat (4 min 59 sec)

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This is a 4S Lipo Power Flight with the new Durafly Supermarine Seafire MkIIB 1100mm WWII RC Warbird From HobbyKing.

HobbyKing Durafly Supermarine Seafire MkIIB 1100mm WWII RC Warbird 4S Lipo Power Flight (4 min 25 sec)

Here are my review notes for this Durafly Supermarine Spitfire variant:

- A cool concept version on a classic WWII Warbird with tons of scale accessories that comes with three different scheme options.
- It is a great size for easy transport and still large enough to have a bigger plane feel to it.
- Flies great on 3S or 4S 2200 lipo batteries
- Very good flight times
- Scale flaps
- Retracts with rubber tires
- Nice bright LED lights
- A solid 3 bladed prop
- Ball link servo connectors
- It is quick and easy to adjust the tailwheel with provided tool

- The stickers can be a little tricky to apply until you get the hang of it. After that, it is pretty easy.
- If you aren't familiar with now the servo connectors work, it can be a little confusing. After you get a feel for them, it seems second nature.

To learn more about the RC Plane, click here!
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Alittle weekend fun in the 182, has the stol kit installed but needs to be converted to a tail dragger. 🙂
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Tyvek hinges work very well as they can be used with regular CA and most foam airframes. Applied like Monocote hinges (but with CA rather than an iron) they are very strong and they dont stretch. I try and use them on ailerons, flaps, elevator and rudder. Here I use them on the canopy and receiver belly door for the Cirrus.

Get a Postal or Fedex envelope that is Tyvek. Sand both sides with 100-220 grit paper lightl to rough up the surface for CA. Use an accelerator on one side either the foam or Tyvek. Cut Tyvek into 1/8 wide strips. When applying CA use a very small amount and press down using clear Monocote backing as CA will not stick to this type of plastic.

The Cirrus canopy has 4 magnets and a foam tongue. Over time the magnets will either lose their magnetism or fall away due to heat expansion and contraction compared to the glue. Lose a canopy in flight? Good luck getting a replacement! Using the existing magnets and a hinge with a clasp increases the reliabilty of the latching design. You will never forget your canopy at home and no more canopys flying off the table at the flying field.

Start by applying a simple two strip hinge for the servo belly door. See pics. Then move on to the more complicated
Canopy....Continue Reading
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Vista Thermal Saturday
Vista Thermal 101318 (40 min 19 sec)

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Glue & Fly Series - Flight #17 F-22 Micro V1.5 Advanced Setup

Here is a link to the Video:

This is Flight #17 of our latest F-22 Micro Parkjet Build dubbed V1.5
Time to perform some Test Flights with the Intermediate / Advanced Setup using a 3S LIPO.
The LIPO I'm using is a 3S 450mah 65C.
The All-Up-Weight of this Micro Parkjet is 131 grams with a 3S 450mah 65C LIPO.
The Thrust-To-Weight Ratio with this 3S LIPO is 2.1:1
Before this flight I had increase the Aileron Dual-Rate from 25%-35%.
I increased the Elevator EXPO from 25% to 35%.
This greatly reduced the Twitchiness during flight and made the movements much more smooth.
It also gave me more Aileron control authority for Rolls and Split-S maneuvers.
I also input 6 clicks of Down-Trim on the Elevator as the Parkjet wanted to climb.
My observations on this Flight:

* Aileron Trim is perfect.
* Elevator Trim may need improvement after more evaluation.
* Aileron Dual-Rate may need an increase to be determined after more evaluation.
* Elevator Dual-Rate many need a decrease to be determined after more evaluation.
* Aileron EXPO may need a decrease after more evaluation.
* Elevator EXPO may need an increase after more evaluation.
* The above remarks are regarding very fine tuning of this Parkjet. As you can see from the video it is stable, responsive, acrobatic, fast, and gets great flight time on this power setup.
* After the 4 minute flight the...Continue Reading
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I assembled the templates for the wing tips and rudder. My orginal cardboard & nail ones with rubber bands could work again.
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This crashed fuselage was from 2008. It will serve as guide for me to build a new one.
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This is the post-successful-maiden-photo of my slow poke sport 40. The kit was a Christmas present from my father. Starting work in early January I completed the build in late August. When school started back I resigned myself to seeing the maiden take place in 2019, but fortune was on my side. Low winds and a gracious wife afforded me an opportunity to maiden the airplane early this morning. No surprises or bad habits, but I think the OS 46 needs a bit more breaking in. I celebrated with a lengthy flight on my refurbished Bristol Scout resulting in a flight by my newest build and my oldest.
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DJI - the world leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology brings together the full commercial drone industry for its annual AirWorks conference.

The event highlights companies that are at the forefront of enterprise drone adoption, showcases new DJI technologies, and offers a window into DJI Enterprise's strategic initiatives for the upcoming year.

For AirWorks 2018, the conference will focus on the growing commercial drone ecosystem and how developers, partners and operators can work with DJI to reshape the global economy with drones.!1200
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We had a great morning here in the Laurentians of Quebec!got the scx-10 out and about on the backyard scale course Terra firma for some beautiful autumn wheeling!
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So my old video editor software is gone is gone and I have not found a replacement software that I want to purchase yet ,currently just doing raw uploads to Youtube.That being said I made this a two part review of the RunCam 3S action camera.Part 1 here is a line of sight flight and discussion of the RunCam 3S.Part 2 will have flight footage off of the RunCam3S

RunCam 3S Field Test Part 1(line of sight on Bugs3) (9 min 54 sec)

Check out the RunCam3S here
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Hello: I bought a hobbyking J3 Navy Cab and I need a new propeller, in the presentation specs said 12x9 prop but down below it recommend a 12x6. Can anyone help me to choose the right size?
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Just enjoying nice summer evening with my Extreme Flight 70" Extra 300 EXP. Video footage taken from different perspectives during 2017 on several flights, but I managed only now to compile it into a full video. This is nothing extra special, but haven't seen too many onboard videos from aerobatics planes lately.

3D flying & onboard video - Extreme Flight 70" Extra 300 EXP (4 min 43 sec)

Setup flown on the video:

Extreme Flight 70" Extra 300 EXP
- Dualsky XM6350EA-9 motor
- Castle Creations Phoenix Edge 100 ESC
- 3 x Turnigy 1268HV digital servos
- 2 x Hitec 7245MH digital servos (elevator)
- Turnigy Nanotech 5000mAh 6S LiPo main battery
- Turnigy Nanotech 1000mAh 2S LiPo receiver battery
- Spektrum DX9 transmitter, Spektrum AR9110 receiver
(sold the plane early summer 2018)
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Pics of my F6F Hellcat and fellow club member's F4U Corsair. Both Top Flite giant scale arfs. Hellcat is scheme out of box. Corsair has krylon spray paint over monokote, Corsair is gas powered and Hellcat is electric conversion with Rimfire 50cc.