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Posted by old4570 | Yesterday @ 11:15 PM | 24 Views
Bush League Modz ! ( Don't you just love them ? )

Here is one I just did today ...
I just love my DrillPro ( http://old4570.com/stuff/drill_pro.html ) = Review on my web ..

Anyhow .. The only thing that really was a bummer about this motor tool was the US plug ( Sorry guys ) .
And once I really came to the conclusion I loved this motor tool , I really needed to cut its plug off !

Once the plug was cut / butchered / removed I then cut and trimmed the + - wires and tinned them ( Solder )
I then screwed in the wires and put some electrical tape in the lead so as to be able to fit the plug cover firmly onto the lead and use a zip tie to hold it in place .

And if that sound easy , it was ! ( A seriously bush league mod )

Now my motor tool has the correct plug on it and we can live happily ever after ( ? ) ....
But seriously , this is one awesome motor tool that deserved the right plug on it ....Continue Reading
Posted by D_Dawg | Yesterday @ 10:43 PM | 36 Views
Because repairs on the simulator are so much easier and less expensive, than crashing your favorite RC plane while learning new tricks ...

Prometheus Flight training (4 min 38 sec)

Posted by forwardonly | Yesterday @ 09:13 PM | 98 Views
Haven't written in a while. Been a crazy semester at work and not much time for fun with toy planes. BUT, I did get to finish my Extra 300 and I've been able to take it out to the field twice! The first time was very short as daylight was dwindling. However, the plane took off beautifully and only required a couple clicks of trim. It was super easy to land and I could tell it was going to fly really well. I did not do any aerobatics as the engine was nut running super well and I was afraid I would dead stick it. I had to wait a couple weeks to try again, but the second flight day was super fun! I made sure to have more time. I got the shakes out with my Hog Bipe and then took the Extra up. Again, takeoff was a non event and the plane still flew very well. I did some mild aerobatics this time and practiced landing approaches and slow speed maneuvers. Inverted only required a touch of elevator. All basic aerobatics were easy and tracked well. I flew for 8 minutes then landed. I guess that I had about 1/4 of a tank of gas left but I think I'm still running a little rich. I love the Saito FA100 although the 120 would be a better power match. The Saito is so dang quiet and smooth sounding! Starts easy and runs well! I made 3 flights and some touch and gos. Post flight inspection showed no problems except a stripped landing gear thread. I filled the hole with gorilla glue and recapped it. I will see if that holds next time out. If not, I'll use epoxy. I...Continue Reading
Posted by kopterheld | Yesterday @ 07:59 PM | 129 Views
This is the new iRangeX IRX4 Plus Multiprotocol module that has a USB port for flashing new firmware. Unfortunately, the USB port does not work because a bootloader is missing here. Just was not installed. I you like to use the USB port you must first install boot loader with a FTDI232 adapter.

Video - burn boot loader and flashing new firmware over USB port (german with subtitle)
iRangeX IRX4 Plus Multiprotocol Modul USB Flashing (6 min 3 sec)

You can bye the iRX4 Plus from Banggood:

FTDI232 Adapter:

GitHub DIY-Multiprotocol-TX-Module Homepage

Mein Equipment von Banggood:
Fatshark Dominator HD3 https://goo.gl/1VAeTh
INR18650-30Q 3000mAh Akkus - https://goo.gl/bfG1I0
Skyzone SKY02S V+ Brille - https://goo.gl/IWRARU
Skyzone 7.4V LiPo - https://goo.gl/pHqZcc
FrSky TARANIS Q X7 Funke - https://goo.gl/NLlhjc
FrSky X9D Plus SE Funke - https://goo.gl/KlnCoS
iRangeX IRX4 Plus Multiprotokol Modul - https://goo.gl/uF6Co8
FrSky XM Empfänger  - https://goo.gl/5InfW5
FrSky XM+ Empfänger - https://goo.gl/pcYGyO
FrSky R-XSR Empfänger - https://goo.gl/4YM9LH
FrSky XSR Empfänger - https://goo.gl/00SGNz
FlySky FS-i6X Funke - https://goo.gl/BJWvZj
Flysky FS-A8S Empfänger - https://goo.gl/xkGHQY
Flysky X6B Empfänger - https://goo.gl/L8H4FT
RunCam 3 Actiocam - https://goo.gl/9njQov
RunCam Eagle 2 - https://goo.gl/fauyaF
RunCam Micro Swift - https://goo.gl/2GxyFr
Runcam Swift Mini - https://goo.gl/Cxn8LR

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/kopterheld/
Blog - https://kopterheld.wordpress.com/
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/kopterheld
RCGroups - https://goo.gl/JYP87D
Posted by Halifax1 | Yesterday @ 07:31 PM | 150 Views
What is this connector for?
Posted by Absaroka | Yesterday @ 04:29 PM | 235 Views
: Off the back of the B/W Tundra.
Posted by P.Rosa | Yesterday @ 02:46 PM | 303 Views
Hello All,

I bought an XJT module to use in my 9X (stock firmware). I was able to bind my module/transmitter to an XSR that I also bought from the same website (GetFPV). However, after configuring the receiver and UART in Betaflight, I am not getting any transmitter inputs in the Receiver tab. I am getting a solid green light on the XSR so I'm pretty sure it's bound, but the module has a solid red and green light. From what I have read, this means the firmware on one is not compatible with the other. The flight controller I am using is the iFlight REVO Bee32 F4 flashed with omnibusf4sd. I am not sure if the problem is with radio, the module, or FC.

If the problem is the firmware, it would be much appreciated if someone can provide some resources to help me flash one or the other. If anyone can help me out that would be much appreciated!

Posted by smoothvirus | Yesterday @ 01:58 PM | 283 Views
Parts List:
STRIX Goblin - High Performance FPV Plank - PNP

Eagle Tree - Vector FPV Controller Package - XT60

RunCam Owl Plus

1.3GHz 400mW Transmitter - US VERSION

Dragonlink Micro Receiver

Dragonlink - Receiver Antenna For Dragon Link - SMA Mount

How to Build the Goblin
How to Build the Goblin (12 min 34 sec)

Vector Settings

Compare to:
Ritewing Mini Drak
Posted by KristofferR | Yesterday @ 10:07 AM | 423 Views
I tried the FPV system on my Easy Star 2. The build was covered in previous posts. The plane flies very well and ”pops” nicely thanks to the carbon pieces.

The setup is a Runcam Eagle 2, an Immersion VTX and the Eachine EV800. Everything worked flawlessly. Since this was my first time with a VTX on a fixed wing - no flight controllers, RTH etc, I did a solid range test before: With the Multiplex TX in range test (LO POW) mode and the VTX on I wandered in circles around the plane and tried different TX antenna angles and all was well.

The EV800 screen sat on a tripod on the ground. I had no spotter and as this was my first try I wanted to focus on flight and picture quality.

One mistake though, as I was going through my mounting options at the bench I ended up putting the camera housing upside down and did not realize until I was on the field.... and did not bring the little programming cable.

Anyway, I hand launched, spent a storage charged 950 pack and landed on the snow.
I found an plane-to-antenna angle that appeared a bit weak and rotated the screen/antenna assembly to eliminate outside influence and the weak spot followed. As the sun was setting I also aimed out and into the sunset and the Runcam did excellent in the varying light.

Since I use a transmitter glove and fingerless gloves, finding the ”holes” in the TX glove after hand launching and getting control takes 1-2 seconds so my second start was done from the ground, piece of cake! The Easy...Continue Reading
Posted by Pax82 | Yesterday @ 07:15 AM | 558 Views
Drone vs Auto RC (3 min 20 sec)

Posted by osern | Yesterday @ 02:41 AM | 630 Views
For whom is interested in scale modeling tech,here is another viable choice than balsa building.
Balsa building is a conventional and respectable tech for majority of scale modelers,depron board building rather to be long thought of box like or in-durable building tech,it's time to open your mind for them.

Depron boards are plastically flexible in shaping for bending,stressed forming and sanding for finish on surface,with tapes or some covering they can be stiff and tension stress resisted in light weight,with script line or v-snatches on the back side,they won't crack as crispy as you image.

Attachments below shows they can be bent almost like a clay into a mask sculpting,you can image how easy to build even easy compound surface of airplane models.

Cut out original Profiles from 3-view from some paper or depron board,they could assemble into a rough 3D box like model,if you furtherly bend those flat surface into slope round surface like the curve of smiling curve,things gonna be different,those board with curve edge seal and shrink into round shape unlike tricky paper models with countless cutout and section ring to forming compound curve,for depron boards has ability to shrink under stressed bending.

This tech is unimaginable for most of people,I'm telling you,it's easy and efficient to do modeling,they can use in park flyer or nano model for the light weight and reasonable strength of structure,just with different building blocks.
Posted by GoTime360 | Yesterday @ 12:50 AM | 680 Views
Tired everybody else's frames.
So I made my own.

First few images are the version 1 frame.

V1 frame runcam mini
Top Plate 2mm
Bottom Plate 3mm
Arms 3.5mm

V2 frame runcam micro runcam split runcam Mini
Top plate 2mm
Bottom Plate 3mm
Arms 3mm
Posted by zzzzzed | Dec 16, 2017 @ 11:58 PM | 723 Views
Special Announcement!!!
Swiwin Turbine Australia
We will be servicing in Australia
To All Customers and Dealers:

Swiwin has taken a new direction and after careful planning and deliberation, we are embarking on an exciting new venture that we invite all of you to be a part of. We want to be able to offer centralized services to include all Swiwin products. As part of our mission to offer excellence in motor servicing and in customer response to all our dealers and customers globally, we have partnered with DragonRC to establish Swiwin Turbine Australia. We will soon have a service point in Melbourne, Australia for the Asia/Pacific region and will offer centralized customer support and motor servicing for all Swiwin products. The centre will have factory trained technicians and carry a full complements of spares. We have innovated many changes over the past months with the introduction of larger motors and Brushless Motor technology, Super Air Trap Fuel pump and Telemetry. We are the world's first to have the Auto Restart on flame out that works time after time. You can review all these at dragonrc.com.au. These and many projected innovations are collectively far ahead of our competitors.

Will will be offering a range of jets
We will provide turbine service to all dealers and customers.
If you buy Swiwin turbine from DragonRC or our authorised dealers/resellers you can benefit from expert, fast factory service
We are at the start of many...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Dec 16, 2017 @ 08:21 PM | 1,020 Views
I am still trolling and saw some really good prices on wings at banggood . https://goo.gl/t5FsLn .
The spirit 600 was about $21 USD and the spirit 500 about $17.50 USD

Also BG is having a Christmas FPV sale https://goo.gl/RQ9jxL

Those wings make for some good cheap fun ..
I am still waiting for the day BG puts out a BNF version ( That would be so cool )
A sub $50 USD BNF wing
Posted by cirros | Dec 16, 2017 @ 04:50 PM | 1,148 Views
ZAEROTECH Z33 V2 Pitcherons

Presentation Laser Cutting Kit

Pre-assembly of the Fuselage
ZAEROTECH Z33 V2 Mini Slope Pitcheron PREMONTAJE DEL FUSELAJE ( Parte 1 ) (2 min 17 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by GiantPowerLiPos | Dec 16, 2017 @ 03:36 PM | 1,153 Views
2 cell 7.4 volt 1300 mAh soft Case 35C lipo battery pack. Lower cost and more punch than those over priced E-Flite batteries that cost $18.99 or more! Upgrades EFLB13002S20 Shop Now!

Great battery for Horizon Hobbyzone Firebird Stratos and Delta Ray planes.

Also a great 7.2v battery for Losi Mini 8ight!

True NANO Conductive Technology
Small package size
Soft silicone wire leads
EC2 main Power plug
JST balance lead, works with stock E-Flite chargers!

Fits HBZ7700 HBZ7900E

Size: 0.6"x 1.4"x 2.6" 15x35x66mm

Weight: 2.3 oz 66g

Discharge rating: 35C 70C burst rate

Max Charge Rate: 3C

3 month limited warrant from Giant Power*
Posted by GiantPowerLiPos | Dec 16, 2017 @ 02:50 PM | 1,170 Views
Better performance at an affordable price of $11.99ea!

Excellent performance upgrade battery for hot new Walkera Rodeo 110 quad copter. Giant Power performance Line features 35C of punch and long life durability! Comes with OEM type JST connector factory installed for plug and play on your Rodeo 110! Don't be a fool and overpay for those low quality Walkera packs! Fast shipping from Detroit MI USA only $2.90 for 2 packs!

2 cell 7.4 volt Rodeo 110 850mAh soft case 35-70C JST lipo battery pack.

True NANO Conductive Technology

Soft silicone wire leads
JST balance leads
JST power connector
Fits stock Walkera charger!
Replaces Walkera battery 110-Z-21

Walkera Rodeo 110
Size: 1.2"x 0.56"x 2.1" 30x14.5x53.5mm
Weight: 1.65oz 47g
Discharge rating 35C Burst rate 70C

Max Charge Rate 5C 2.25amps

Shop now!
Posted by Old_Pilot | Dec 16, 2017 @ 02:13 PM | 1,220 Views
I named her "The Garand" because I took the shape of her nose from a 30 caliber rifle bullet.......Enjoy

Garand Twin 70 (2 min 25 sec)
...Continue Reading