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Posted by mike912e | Feb 13, 2017 @ 12:15 AM | 6,416 Views
My first conversion is a Hitec Laser 5 SystemX . What a great radio. I would suggest that some of you glider guys take a look at this one . Lots of usefull features like putting throttle on a switch rather than throttle stick . It has a seperate menu just for gliders . Not bad for a radio that's over 25 years old . I have also secured many different radios and will post them here as I complete the conversion and restoration work . I also remove all of the compoents from the case, clean and reassemble . Many older radios were put away without removing the nicad packs which can destroy parts of the case and lots of the wiring . When a corroded part is removed I soak it in a mixture of 50-50 brown vinegar and salt . Leave the part in to soak depending how corroded it is sometimes overnight . When you remove it from the acid soak have a container of baking soda and water and immerse the part in the base liquid . Then after it appears that all of the acid has been neutralized run fresh water over for a minute or so, using a soft brush to knock off any tough spots . Dry the part either by air or use your heat gun . I use two old lidded plastic containers and keep the lid on between uses for the acid and base liquids .
Added pics of Cirrus and Aristo-Craft radios that have been restored and await their 2.4 components . By the way, the Aristo-Craft Hitec radio was before Hitec was it's own brand and is not poaitive shift like Futaba . It is negative shift like JR radios . So a...Continue Reading