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Posted by Thermal Hobby | Aug 30, 2013 @ 01:29 PM | 7,759 Views
Well I felt like taking a look at how my 2s3000 pack was doing. I use this for a glider, pack is Turnigy brand. Had it on 2.5 amps slow balance charge. Looks pretty good.
Posted by Thermal Hobby | Aug 03, 2013 @ 11:54 AM | 6,942 Views
Get the most out of your model. If you are skeptical about the airworthiness of your model why not give it a shake? This will help you see what could go wrong while in the air as well as if anything is moving around in the compartments that could throw off the CG or even moving wires on the outside that could cause drag. Take your model with the canopy on and grip the model so that it won't fall, but also support the structure. Move the model rapidly as you would expect to see it flying as it is making maneuvers in the air. Tip the model in on a horizontal plane as to pitch the nose up and down rapidly, do the same method while the model is upside and sideways. Do rolls loops etc, with it even if it is incapable of performing the tricks. If your model has a canopy, This will test if you have a good canopy latch also. You shouldn't feel anything sliding around or moving at all inside or outside of it. If you do notice movement of even the slightest try to secure the object down better with velcro, hot glue or straps. Be careful though stuffing it with too much latex foam or soft cloth like objects could cause some air flow problems around the electronics Doing these steps before a flight only raises the performance and fly-ability enjoyment you will have with your model from the air to landing.
Posted by Thermal Hobby | Jul 31, 2013 @ 07:52 PM | 7,362 Views
I took a small white park flier out today to cruise around the evening skies. About 1/2 way through the 2nd battery I noticed 2 pigeons coming around harassing the plane. The odd thing is it's usually seagulls that come around.
Every single time i have flown birds have come around to check the aircraft out. Now when i'm flying in the country it's either a hawk or turkey vulture wanting to soar with me, which i dont mind. But I don't understand the whole pigeon thing unless they thought what i was flying was a white seagull. Today wasn't as bad as other days where I have had groups of them chasing the aircraft.