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Latest pick of the bunch specials at Gearbest: the BNF Bfight 210 with frsky transmitter is only $99. The E011 santa (JJHRC H67) is only $11

Details here:
Posted by AtomicMilk | Nov 07, 2017 @ 09:19 PM | 2,171 Views
I work for an estate liquidation company. Every so often we run across an rc car, but today I scored.

Brinkmann Hustler Buggy.
It's built like a tank, but I have to decide whether to just leave it as is and shelf it (not really my thing).

The tires are pretty good with no rot, but the wheels are super brittle. I managed to test it with a 7.4v lipo and alligator clips to bypass the split nicad. Everything works, but the steering is really loose from the crap servo, and the controller is just hard to use. I may just change the servo, use a micro receiver in a different location, and use the entire tray for mounting a battery. I can use grasshopper front wheels (which I have plenty of), but the rear is a rectangle shaft and will require mods. I could always use some old rc10 wheels and drill out the holes into a rectangle shape to fit. It might be the best option. See pics below.
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After 15 years out of the hobby, looking to get back in. Loved slope back in the day. Now looking to get into DLG and some sloping .
You would think living in Hawaii we would have lots of areas to slope gliders at. But the cost of land is so high, and the areas to fly so densely populated slope hills are hard to find. I live on Oahu, and the only slope flyable is Lanikai pillbox. But the landing zone is sketch.

Before Moving back to Oahu I lived in San Diego for about 10 years. There were so many paces to fly. You were just limited by the wind.
Here it's almost the opposite. Lots of wind. Not too many places to fly.

Anyone on this board slope in Hawaii? I'd like to meet up with you and talk shop!!!


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Thanks for adding me!

I' m a 75 year old, retired, man. My wife of 48 years passed a year ago after a long fight with Alzhiemer"s. I live in Kent, Washington, a suburb SE of Seattle.
I flew control line and R/C a lot 1975-1980, received my Private Pilot, Single Engine Land in 1992, built a Hummel Bird and crashed it (tiny, single seat, all aluminum, 1/2 VW motor).

Now I want to do R/C again. I build in balsa, prefer from plans. I'm looking at old time Free Flight, converted to electric R/C, at least 7 foot or so wing span. I'm not afraid of scaling to a size I like. I like gliders, be they Bird of Time or cabin or pylon from the '30's or now. Stick and tissue preferred, but not required. I'm not into a lot of walking anymore so no High Start or winch, a prop somewhere is what I like. Almost certainly electric.

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I've detailed my experiences of getting into multigp racing here starting with a build of a low cost super light 5" quad. This is centred largely around the XJB F428 TX20 stack and whether it can stretch to run a full 5" set up.

More details here:

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yes its really me
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Back to the classics.
Always liked the good old Trojan and I wanted my very own instead of the available RTF's.
So... I built it

Such a great flyer, performed like a pro from maiden.

Build Log:

Maiden video
T28 Trojan Maiden (2 min 58 sec)

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Can someone help in tx (taranis) flap setup for this model?
Posted by jjose2929 | Nov 07, 2017 @ 10:16 AM | 1,642 Views
hello I have a midwest at-6 texan I have problems with the center of gravity 4.5 in super heavy tail can you help me

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Contixo F18 Brushless 1080p GPS Drone Wifi FPV - FULL REVIEW (41 min 13 sec)

The review is thorough, so here is a breakdown of the video so you can go directly to the information you're looking for:
0:00 - 1:10 Intro
1:10 - 9:36 Unboxing & Overview
9:36 - 13:15 Prop Installation
13:15 - 13:52 Smartphone Mount
13:52 - 14:40 Binding Procedure
14:40 - 16:50 Controller Overview
16:50 - 20:54 Return to Home & Fail-safes
20:54 - 25:56 Compass Calibration
25:56 - 40:02 Flight Test
40:02 - 40:52 Pros & Cons

-Compact and easy to get in the air; smooth and quiet
-Decent flight time (about 15-minutes)
-Fairly stable camera platform despite not having a gimbal or image stabilization
-Good resolution in the video and photo output
-RTH and failsafes work as they should
-About 300-meters of video feed range from the 2.4ghz wifi signal

-Proprietary battery
-Live video feed range does not match true control range
-Prop installation is a bit cumbersome with the prop nuts and silicone washers
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DS old movie (2012/12/14) (1 min 55 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Nov 07, 2017 @ 03:18 AM | 6,231 Views

So I played the book and convinced myself that I had to drive-in to work instead of taking my Van Pool vehicle (Commuter Van). I certainly had some late meetings so, I took my usual models but, when I looked up this morning there it was, staring at me and wondering how long it has been since I have NOT flown my Beloved Park Zone Spitfire Mk IX. Instead, I can tell you all when I acquired this wonderful looking and flying RC Warbird Park Flyer model. It was September 11th, 2011. I can recall it so vividly at my best buddy's (Skybro) house to do the unpacking and assembly.

Can't believe this model is 6 years old! Wow! I flew it this morning and after perhaps 10 months since the last time i took it for RC Flying, I dare say that I never forgot what a delightful model this Spitfire is and I landed the Spitfire like I never had stopped flying her so, had not forgot to keep her level tor that grease landings!

Returning back home, it was exactly 5:24 PM and I just had to try once more! Clouds were towards the West (Sunset) and I wasted no time and had my last Fully Charged GEN ACES 3-Cell, 2200mAH Lithium Polymer pack right at the front passenger seat. What a beautiful sight for sore eyes! The Sunset Rays just made that Spitfire Glow and it looked like the Full Size for a while. Maintained her up a little higher just in case I would lose orientation and I must confess, I did for just a few seconds and I am happy to report that by keeping her higher saved the model. After...Continue Reading
Posted by sanukiudon | Nov 07, 2017 @ 03:02 AM | 4,137 Views
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Hi Everyone,
Let's check controller holder. It is designed by us. Easy to carry, stable and adjustable for phones.
Next time we will share Fence mode.

Thanks for your time~
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It was always the same driver kit available anywhere in Shanghai for a buck, & the only way this many bits could be under $25 is if they were made of the softest steel & would only last for 1 teardown, if you were lucky, but the ifixit packaging was 1 of a kind. The magnetic case with grid to organize your screws, perfectly angled bits, not perpendicular but angled, perfectly sized foam insert just exudes the kind of quality that couldn't be a bog standard Shanghai street hustle, but something hand crafted just for the kind of user whose laptop looks like a work of art with an Apple logo.

To be sure, the only reason anyone bought this kit was the #5 pentalobe bit to fix his Macbook Pro. While they've always marketed their kits as aftermarket, there really is no other supplier, so it wouldn't be surprising if the genius bar used the same kit....Continue Reading
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As some will know there was a range of "issues" with the 2 in 1 esc on the blade 200 SRX tail motors, from my delving into this I have generally found the issue was more related to the wiring plugs, especially the slim line plugs in the tail rear section and people fitting the tail blade on backwards = instant motor over heat..

Others have added a standalone esc which I have done with success but have looked to go one step further and go dual stand alone esc's on brushless heli etc for ultimate tenability especially once the gutless main motor is ditched for some more respectable power wise ! 0n both the 200 SRX and the 230 S.

Builds in progress are:

Conversion of Blade 200srx with single 2 in 1 esc to initially a separate tail esc and then two aftermarket esc’s with replacement higher spec main motor (performance build).

Conversion of the blade 230 S to two aftermarket ESC’s with upgrade higher spec main motor.

200 SRX tail upgrades
Initial findings on my two blade 200 SRX’s – additional tail ESC, both are running three bladed heads, one with a stock main motor, the second with an up spec 210 watt - 4100kv motor (hobbyking EH200).

I have trialled two ESC units on the tails, DYS SN10A and DYS SN20A.

The 10 amp ESC is marginal and has resulted in motor overheating at times and are not recommended.
The 20 amp esc is performing fine and appears to be well suited to this application.

Next stage is to change the main esc out...Continue Reading