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Hey Guys we Updated our bumper and made it a little-bit bigger to fix the clearance issues.

*Comes with Stick extensions (FREE)

*Comes with a Carrying Case (FREE)

*We are Running a promo 25% OFF... This is on eBay! for ($6.94)

*Weighs in at 1.1 Grams

*Remember we use ABS plastic, Don't get the PLA bumpers they Break!


Here is a link to get the bumpers

Check Out the Video

protoX Bumper (0 min 55 sec)

Posted by FWAL | May 13, 2015 @ 05:05 PM | 4,212 Views
4 layers of F/G 3 x 80g/m2 and 1 x 135g/m2 moulded over a 45mm dia plastic pipe. Cyno'd and glassed to the fuse. Very happy with the results.
Posted by PhantasmicGirl | May 13, 2015 @ 02:21 PM | 13,855 Views
Can you spot him?
Posted by PhantasmicGirl | May 13, 2015 @ 02:17 PM | 14,155 Views
Adding something... and soon more!
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Twisted Quads is happy to announce the first addition to our product line! The Lumenier QAV250 in G10 and Carbon Fiber!

For a limited time we are giving away 6 sets of 5" ABS Props (24 props) with the purchase of each QAV250 Carbon Fiber edition for $149.99 or QAV250 (G10) for 129.99! (Limit 3 frames per order.)

Check out to take advantage of this great deal! I guarantee this won't last long!
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If you are not aware of GliderScore it is the most used RC soaring computer program in the world. It supports a wide range of contests types including TD, ALES, F3J, F3B, F5B, F5J, F3K, and F3F. It's a really impressive package that not only handles the scoring parts but also provides contest timing announcement automation.

A recent upgrade to GliderScore introduced the concept of a digital timer that is used to count down the prep and working times for many of the supported contest formats. One of the digital timer features is control of an external timing display via a laptop serial port.

Several companies recently announced GliderScore-compatible timer displays including this one from Embedded-Ability. The neat thing about this relatively low-cost board is that it allows clubs and contest organizations to buy the board along with LED display boards from 3rd party sources and make their own custom timer display. The result is a much cheaper solution compared to purchasing a turnkey sports timer display.

We have been using this in our NorCal F5J contests and the pilots really like it.
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Out today helping fellow club member test float his Tiger Moth. This is the scheme H9 should have sold! Powered by Saito 1.80 FS. He adapted Sig 1/4 scale Cub floats to fit.
Posted by theimacman | May 13, 2015 @ 12:15 PM | 3,773 Views
The Ruckus seems to be a tough little monster truck, but a tad slow.

ECX - Ruckus 1:18 Scale - Review and Run (12 min 5 sec)

Posted by pshkong | May 13, 2015 @ 09:14 AM | 7,692 Views
Pulling Gs for the whole day. Not a very fast plane, but value for money.

Dynam 1.2m BF-109 - pulling Gs (3 min 40 sec)

Posted by ctzsnooze | May 13, 2015 @ 09:09 AM | 7,546 Views
I personally reckon that LuxFloat is absolutely the best CleanFlight PIDC I've flown to date - both in Acro and Horizon mode, it rocks!

However as you know from my earlier entry, Horizon mode code is a bit limited at very high quad angles, and I figured out a way to make it much more flyable 'on the limit'.

I have a binary for Naze pre-built with the code here:

To make the changes yourself, navigate to your cleanflight code folder:


Scroll down to the current code which is:

// Progressively turn off the horizon self level strength as the stick is banged over
// horizonLevelStrength = (float)(500 - mostDeflectedPos) / 500; // 1 at centre stick, 0 = max stick deflection
replace with:

horizonLevelStrength = (float)(500 - mostDeflectedPos); // 500 at centre stick, 0 = max stick deflection
horizonLevelStrength = horizonLevelStrength - (float)(MIN(MAX(ABS(inclination.raw[PITCH]),ABS(inclination.raw[ROLL])),1800))/3.5f;
horizonLevelStrength = constrainf ( horizonLevelStrength, 0, 500); // limit to range 0 to 500
horizonLevelStrength = horizonLevelStrength / 500; // 1 for full levelling and 0 for none

// reduces levelling by sticks as usual but also according to inclination of quad
// angle calculation returns about 900 when vertical 1800 when
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Hi all,

Here is the CUAV video for your reference :

Next version pixhack is 2.01 , very small amendment and more stable , will be available around June 15th . we are collecting some issues customer reflected and do some smaller improving, we guarantee the quality is the soul of our CUAV company. and each one sold out has tested in good condition. for overseas transaction , maybe it is complicated and hard for after-service, but we will do our utmost to serve our clients.

Anyone wants to cooperate with us , please contact us freely. and if you are free, warmly welcome to visit our factory.

Thanks and warm regards
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I noticed this mini quadcopter today,it's $21.36 for sale,I want to get one

Just wondering anyone use this quadcopter before so i can get advice from???

Seller store link
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I had some spare small metal struts laying around so i made this not-so-beautyfull-but-functionable phone/telemetry holder for my Flysky.

It was pretty easy and the only thing that is left, is painting it (White or black not sure yet).

It is sturdy and stable. I could easily screw it down and hold it with a nut on the transmitter,
exactly on the Flysky logo, but i didnt want to harm the aesthetics of my new trasmitter

The materials that i used was:

-2x flat metal struts 18cm long
-2x Metal corners (they are used in cabinet making)
-5x M4x18mm flat head screws
-1x M4x8mm screw for the counterholding
- Car phone holder that i had around (it was set with a suction cup mount)
-Zip ties, nuts/locking nuts.

Of course each of us has different materials lying around it could easily be more good looking than mine.
I just wanted something functionable and fast (less than 5 mins of building) and i am pretty ok with it!

PS My quadcopter had some issues, after every accelerometer calibration when i had it on the ground,
the No 4 CW motor (only) spins faster and faster at the smallest amount of Throttle application.
Also in the Mission Planner at that time the Roll was horizontal and after some seconds got warped (see 1st attachment).
After some research i used the Autotrim function and seems a bit better (less drift).

Happy building!

Posted by samiluo | May 13, 2015 @ 02:52 AM | 3,325 Views
Another exciting action cam: Amkov AMK5000S VS Xiaoyi cam
Another exciting action cam: Amkov AMK5000S (3 min 19 sec)

In the video we compared the size and accessories of AMK5000S with xiaoyi, gopro cam, also some setting tutorial about AMK5000S
Introducing another cool action cam: Amkov AMK5000S (3 min 52 sec)
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SDSHOBBY The Exclusive Global Distributor for The FIRST TORQPRO TP70 70CC Four-Stroke Engine Single Cylinder Gasoline Engine Best for 3D Aerobatic!! Perfect replacement for DLE55!!
Posted by DimoX | May 13, 2015 @ 01:27 AM | 3,707 Views
My QAV 250 took a dip in the river this past sunday... after a day of drying 2 motors didn't work, then after another day 4 motors worked temporarily and only a few moments later 3 worked and 1 failed... Not sure if it just needs to dry longer or the ESCs are permanently busted! Story is in this video.

Video Time Line:
One Motor Fails at 7:30 Alarm at 9:44 All Motors Work initially at 4:20 Asking for help with Telemetry setup on Taranis 9XD 5:50 (lol)

Post QAV River Crash! Surprise start up and then failure again! (10 min 34 sec)