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Here is a .pdf of an interview given by Attorney Schulman after the FAA settled with Pirker. It details Pirker's Nationality, why it mattered and what the Judge had to say about it.
Also included is a .pdf of the FAA's Rules/Laws/guidelines (whatever) covering a bunch of things.

The FAA knew going in they didn't have the Legal right to get an Order of Assessment against Pirker. Evident in the .pdf below which is a list of Rules and procedures for FAA employees, issued by the FAA and dated 2007, revised 2015. document page 6-50, .pdf page 170

The red box below is an exert containing the Law and needed criteria to prosecute, none of which Pirker met.

You insinuated/said I was wrong (more than once) and needed to actually read the transcripts before making statements that were wrong. There are legitimate reasons why the NTSB site where you got your incomplete info from did not have the"Rest of the Story". (thank you PH)

During discussions you proved "kallend" was wrong about some charts (or something) and when the truth came out, you stated something akin to (I'm paraphrasing) "He did not have the where-for-all or courtesy to come back, apologize and own up to being wrong."

Well, I do not need/require/or want an apology, just an acknowledgement (of some sort) that even though I make multiple mistakes a day, everyday, I wasn't posting empty/incorrect info just to hear myself type.

.png of an exert from FAA rules and procedures
.pdf of Attorney Schulman's interview on the settlement
.pdf of the FAA regs for employees, document page 6-50, .pdf page 170
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All of these came from the T-Mart US Warehouse in New Jersey. Free Shipping option is DHL's version of the "hand-off to USPeeS for delivery" program. The slowest I've encountered of this type, 8-9 days from NJ to so-cal after DHL actually receives it. The other option is USPeeS Priority Mail 2-3 Day. Faster but overpriced at $9 or $9.99.

Pic 1) was $8.99 with 2 chargers, 18650 sleeve, AAA adapter and (2) UltraFire 4600mAh 18650's (4600mAh, yeah right)
The cheapest feeling of the 3 different lights. Waiting for myself to squeeze through the thin aluminum.

Pic 2) On sale for $10.99 when I got it. Much thicker aluminum. Head slides in and out for spot to flood focus. 18650 sleeve, AAA adapter and 1 charger but no batteries. Brighter than pic 1 cheapo.

pic 3) on sale for $5.69 when I bought them, got (2).
E6 XML T6 emitter 10 watt 3 amp. Focus is as pic 2. All of these lights are 5 mode. All of these are water "Resistant" at best. The brightest, smallest and heaviest of the 3 lights. Had the most positive reviews of any light. (make sure you have your review salt) It doesn't have the word "Cree" on it but the few places I found this exact light at FAAmazon and Bluesmart they had put Cree in the title. These lights have no name on them On the Ultrafire website they don't claim to have this light. It's touted as 1800 Lumens, is brighter than the 2000 or 2200 Lumen lights There is no mention of "Candlepower" specs anywhere at T=Mart or...Continue Reading
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Hobbyking uses Cloudflare. Between 9/22/2016 and 2/18/2017 session tokens, passwords, private messages, API keys, and other sensitive data were leaked by Cloudflare to random requesters.
Requests to sites with the HTML rewrite features enabled, triggered a pointer math bug. Once the bug was triggered the response would include data from ANY other Cloudflare proxy customer that happened to be in memory at the time. Meaning a request for a page with one of those features could include data from Uber or one of the many other customers that didn't use those features. So the potential impact is every single one of the sites using Cloudflare's proxy services (including HTTP & HTTPS proxy).

For a list in progress go to

currently 22MB's in size

Change Your Password
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you repeatedly do something that is wrong (and you know it's wrong to begin with) must have the power to make it OK because the excuse given is "That's what I do all the time".
When they get called on their BS they act like they get butt hurt.
Too funny.
Repeated drops as a toddler by a care giver, who later in life may be the designated "Payee" could provide one explanation for the exhibited personality traits. Like the song says, "But for the grace of God go I ... "
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Hey Rob,
Here are the 2 pics
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can be harmful to your hobby.
This is a rednecks version of a FrankenQuad paint job.

bad pics from a bad camera and a very bad photographer.
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Not to mention some excellent photography compared to my dangerous pics in the classifieds. My Sanyo, 5Mp "circa 2006" is definitely on it's last pitiful leg but, I don't think it ever took a macro that good. Probably has to do with PIE, pilot induced error. Nice job, thank you.
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Apparently there is no minimum number of pieces when ordering according to jared @ xyh (see the copy of the email.
Also there is the price list in a .xls file, 4 pics I took of the xls file in case you don't have something to view xls files with and a .pdf file I made that the format isn't exact but it's readable.

Randall, I forgot to ask about the "N" motors but in the email he offers the rest of the inventory and doesn't mention any minimum pieces, we'll see.



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