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BL-3GRC Flight Gyro Review - RCTESTFLIGHT (4 min 12 sec)

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Using state of the art devices and PCB design we've made a reasonably small and lightweight isolation switch capable of switching high current batteries directly. Advantages we think this offers:

- Isolation of all electronics on the ground for safety
- No connection pitting compared with using large switch based isolation solutions or direct connection
- Minimization of EMC radiation as connectors are plugged in and out
- External electronics can be used to switch the power system on / off
- Auto Off in case of aircraft incident. A pull out cable can switch power off automatically
- Simple very low current toggle switch can be mounted more or less anywhere for easy power isolation

Isolation (switching) normally happens when very low motor current is drawn, however the switch still needs to pass the full current when ON. It must also handle the initial in-rush current on first power up. This switch will happily pass through the heavy currents required by many large multi-copters and electric aircraft. (70A continuous. 140A for few seconds bursts, and even up to 2,000A for in-rush current).

Some testing at 140A:

We believe this (solid state) solution is unique on the market today.

Please come to see more details on our site here
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I'm pleased to announce our new navigation / low bat light products.

Main features are:
Features of the Super bright version are:
- SUPER bright double blink strobe / beacons (blinking as commercial aircraft) and landing lights
- 8 (expandable to 11) Super Bright 100 lumens per LED light average (can double up blinking LEDs)
- Navigation / Strobe / Landing (red, green, and white)
- Two low battery modes (Pre-set time-out and/or Low Voltage)
- RC Tx input (2 or 3 way switch supported. Lights on/off, Landing lights can come on coincident with gear down)
- Servo output to activate parachute (or other electronics) when low battery
- Small warning LED on controller board: Detect battery low or very low
- Redundant battery can be connected to the controller (or no need to connect main battery)
- A 5V BEC output in case of LiPo (or other battery) failure or for other lights, such as strip lights
- Set up via on board DIP switches + free PC tool for advanced features and battery health check
- Powered from 5v to 26V (1s to 6s)
- MIL spec protection (MIL STD 883G - Method 3015-7: class 3) on LED outputs - help protect from lightning strikes

The BL-NavLV-S is super bright (day-time visibility - 1W per LED) and its sister product the BL-NavLV-N is ultra bright, and kinder to your battery taking much less power and ideal for scale and dusk/night flying.

Youtube vid

Please come to check them out at Bluelight Technologies Lights
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The newest and most advanced RC Airplane Gyro Stabilizer / Controller on the market is HERE.

Name: BL-3GRC_Kit_OnBlue700.jpg
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Description: BL-3GRC ICE-MAN Gyro kit

For expert and novice pilots alike, with Quick Start and Advanced features anything is possible. Here are just some reasons why you might want to buy one:

I fly fast and want fast gyro response but my RC Tx only outputs pulses at 15ms. Would be good to increase to say 6ms to support my fast digital servos
-with the BL-3GRC YOU CAN

Would be good to fly my delta wing slowly on landing to save on runway length
- With the BL-3GRC YOU CAN add flaperon function even for delta wing

I have a big aircraft which needs lots of runway to land. Some sort of speed brake would be good
- with the BL-3GRC YOU CAN with two stage flaps, third stage ailerons up for air-brake / ‘crow’ function

I have a big beast of a plane with dual wing servos, even two opposing servos for the rudder. Would be good to have just one controller
- With the BL-3GRC YOU CAN with two configurable outputs per axis

I like to teach my novice friend how to fly but he has a habit of veering off to the side of the runway on take-off. Would be good to have very large gyro rudder gain just at take off
- with the BL-3GRC YOU CAN

Would be good not to have to re-trim my aircraft after a long time or remember which RC Tx has the trim saved. Great if the gyro can automatically save the trim settings
- with the BL-3GRC YOU CAN just pick up any RC transmitter and set all trims to zero

I like to fly fast but want good...Continue Reading